hi pretty

i was looking at her through my lens and then what i was thinking came out as an audible thought: she is so pretty; i hope manny tells her that all the time.

“she’s so pretty manny; i hope you tell her that.”

“i do. every day. in fact, that’s my nickname for her.”

everything about me smiled. then i started thinking about their conversations:

how are you today, pretty?

where shall we go today, pretty?

how are you feeling, pretty?

everything about you is so pretty, pretty.

will you be having your beer with or without a straw, most pretty, pretty! ;)

hi there, pretty!

she is pretty. together they are pretty. everything about them is so so pretty.

i feel profoundly grateful for the opportunity i have to mingle with love, every single day. it reminds me just how pretty we all are, and how tangibly beautiful we are when we are in love.

ali, may you know, believe, feel, and see how truly pretty you are. manny, may you always remind her. there couldn’t be a more suitable nickname! as for you: red; it’s gotta be red! ;) much love to you both! so excited for july!! cheers pretties, kj

a reason to smile

these two have a reason to smile.

they have a reason to laugh.

and a reason to celebrate!

they found each other in this big big world and soon will be starting their own world together!!

i’m smiling for them too!!

more from kiley and danny’s engagement soon! can’t wait for their seattle wedding next month!! we might be under umbrella’s, even if we are, i know we’ll be smiling!!

stephanie sears you have a reason to smile too! you won the sandbucket giveaway!!! hooray! sandi will be in touch later with your digital download of the inagural issue, and you can email me whenever you are ready for your complimentary shoot!! excited to hear from you! congratulations and thanks to everyone for leaving a comment and being a part of the giveaway!!

congrats stephanie and kiley and danny!! excited for you all!! happy monday; keep smiling! cheers, kj

the sandbucket and a giveaway

it’s no secret that i am a crazy, huge fan of female entrepreneurs. i think it does something for the female spirit to do something, really do something that she is good at, that gives her validation, and makes her feel like she is contributing, and making a difference, no matter the arena!

i am inspired by all of the women who seek to share their talents and vision and when approached to help spread the word about their insights and inspirations, i jump in, wholeheartedly!!

sandi, or bucket (you must read her bio; it had me smiling fondly, like i had to meet her and take her to lunch because she was so interesting.), is one of those women. she had an idea and now she is making it happen! sandi wanted to be the editor and chief of a magazine. so she started a publication, and named herself the boss of it. she polled interest for content, reached out to people and friends she admires to be guest writers, and guest sharers, and after time she made her vision a reality and now she is ready to share it with all of us!!

this is just a snippet of what she is offering in the first issue:

Join us for the debut issue of The Sandbucket.  This issue is chalked full of fun articles.  Come be inspired to get reading with your children.  Gather new recipes that you’ll want to try out for yourself.  Get to know Denise Demarchis of Matilda Jane a bit better.  Read of the giving adventures of families in Atlanta as they went out to feed the homeless.  Gather tips from photographers Lexi Vornberg and Ashlee Raubach on how to prepare and get the most from your shoots.  And read points from Shawni Pothier about “Being Enough.”  All this and many more articles that touch upon raising and teaching our children.  There is even a fun teen section where we meet some real teens and talk about their talents as well as some fun DIY projects.  Each page of the magazine is filled with beautiful and useful content, never being interrupted with ads.  Only useful content that can strengthen you and your families.

get the full details on sandi and the sandbucket magazine here.

in honor of the inaugural issue sandi is offering a free digital copy to one of my friends!! in the spirit of first issues, giveaways, and all female entrepreneurs i am going to tag onto her giveaway and offer a complementary portrait session to the winner!! ;) so if you win the giveaway you get sandi’s incredible digital download magazine and a complimentary session with me (prints or otherwise are not included in the giveaway.)!!

all you have to do is

like the sandbucket page on facebook.

like my facebook page.

and then come back here and leave me (and sandi) a comment under this blog post, that includes an idea of what you would be interested in seeing in sandi’s magazine.

YOU CAN ENTER AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE. the more ideas you add here the better your chances of winning. the contest will run the entire weekend from now until sunday at midnight. after that i will take all the names from the comments, put them into an automatic sorter and select our winner. sandi will email your digital copy and i will email to set up our session!! ;)

here’s to the sandbucket: a really great idea!!

now get to liking and commenting!! cheers to sandi and all of you out there who feel you have something noteworthy to share!!

what are you doing…

what are you doing the rest of your life?

north and south and east and west of your life?

i have only one request of your life.

that you spend it all with me.

kimberly and dave, no matter where your life’s direction takes you it is certain you will always be each other’s true north! can’t wait for july!! much love to you both!! xo kj

gone fishin’

a long time ago, during one of the favorite chapters of my life: college, i was faced with a difficult decision. no matter what i tried i couldn’t find clarity. no matter what i did or who i sought for counsel i still found myself completely befuddled. my dear friend and roommate told me that when she was feeling similarly she would leave town, ditch it all, and head for her family’s cabin in the mountains. she generously invited me to go away for the weekend to seek solace in nature.

the farther we drove from the abysmal confusion, the clearer my head felt. the cleaner the air my lungs inhaled the sharper my vision. it was profoundly refreshing. we hiked, played cards, ate, slept, laughed-big belly laughs, and talked while listening to my all time favorite sound: water running over rocks.

i packed up from the weekend away acutely aware of the gift of nature.

the closer we got to campus the sick pit of fear, worry, and concern began to reemerge, but the conviction of knowing exactly what to do  held my hand tightly as i wrestled with the choice and finally made a decision that would change my life forever.

i still find a significant respite in nature. i don’t go as often as i would like, but am so glad when i do visit and drink in the clean, fresh energy it holds for me.

lately i have been wishing for some nature. some time alone in it. i LOVE my life and all of its levels, but have been considering the pieces of it that make me, me and how i never want to lose sight of that person. i wanted to shoot something that reminded me of this. something that combined nature with an action that calms the uptight, loosens the on-edge, and pacifies the anxious.

much like my roommate of years ago, i am grateful today for a neighbor, who has become my very good friend. she is like a piece of nature personified. when i was thinking of this concept i thought immediately of her, her love to be outside, on the water with her man, just the two of them, and the sea, and whatever might swim into their nets that day.

may this post bring you some level of calm today. may it inspire you to seek nature, or to just get out and get moving in it. chase your kids on the front lawn and see what shapes you find in the billowy heavens. may you all, metaphorically, go fishin’!

may you catch whatever you are fishing for today. and may you catch it abundantly!!!

thank you to my friend april, for being up for ANYTHING. ANYTIME. ANYPLACE. and for being so true and loyal!!

to jessica for styling our shoot; you too are a breath of fresh air!! grateful for you!!


{elevate} a fine art photography exploration: project five

this month’s muse came from a few song lyrics, and, well, the side of a worn out wall.

just a few lines from round here by the counting crows

step out the front door like a ghost

into the fog where no one notices

the contrast of white on white

and inbetween the moon and you

the angels get a better view

of the crumbling difference between wrong and right

i walk in the air between the rain

through myself and back again


maria says she dying

through the door i hear her crying


round here we always stand up straight

round here something radiates…

thank you to avery for being our most willing and most beautiful model (and for gatering all the white wardrobe).

to katrina for avery’s hair and make up.

and to brianna and brooke for shootin’ and hangin’ with us!! was so much fun!!!

click here to follow the fine art circle for this month! i am sure you will be inspired by what tamara of from the tree top has created!!!

happy musing everyone! may you find inspiration at every turn!!

mamarazzi: the super duper reprise

i remember when i was young my mom would try and get me to “rest”, so she could lie down for a little bit too. i have tried to do similar things with my children, but like the me of my childhood, my kiddos too, just can’t stop moving. they are constantly busy, constantly going.

jaren and i had a good laugh the other day while discussing gunnar’s latest: he is obssessed right now with crafting. he has to be constantly constructing something, constantly building something. he woke us up one day, during vacation, around 615 and said, “i am ready to start crafting, mom!” we then instated crafting hours: 11am-2pm. he and his sister never run out of energy. never. i feel this profound responsiblity to help them enjoy all their young energy by helping them construct a really phenomenal childhood, filled with memories of 615, at the crack of dawn, crafting extravaganzas!!!

sometimes i want our time together to stand still, just for a few seconds longer, just so i can drink them in a bit more. i hope they know how much i love them; i hope they feel it, see it, and believe it, every single day. i hope they know they are my greatest accomplishments! i also hope i do justice to their youth by documenting it as often as i can. i know as parents we all feel a certain weight of responsibility in terms of our children: love them, educate them, teach them, prepare them. i also think we feel a responsibility to document them; i know i do at least, and i know that could just be because i am in the business, but the more women i talk to the more i discover that they too, want to take really great images of their children to immortalize this time in their lives, all of our lives. it’s time to start documenting everything super (and even the not so super, but will be hysterically funny later on) moments of your children’s and your life!

mamarazzi: a photography workshop designed especially for moms is intended for mothers who want to better understand their cameras as a goal to better document their own kids.

the mamarazzi workshop will actually run over the course of 3 months (we will be meeting once a month for three months). at each meeting we will discuss a different aspect of photography, namely, how to work all the buttons on your camera and what they mean, how to understand light and it’s fundamental requirement to photography, and how to compose your shots to aid you with better story telling capabilities. each class will be about two hours and will be packed with information, a few goodies to take with you to inspire you to get to shooting, some great edibles, and a good time away from the little supers to rejuvenate for a bit. ;)

who is this workshop for: moms (and dads) who want to take better pictures of their children

when will the workshop be held: (remember it is three evenings)

february 10th 7-9pm

march 23rd 7-9pm

and april 20th 7-9pm

why three evenings? i want to spread the information out a bit to give us all time to practice and create. we will be focusing on certain aspects each month, creating a discussion board and a place to post our images for safe feedback. (i also want us to have a ladies night, each month. that’s how i see it playing out in my head at least. we learn cool photography stuff and then hang out and relax a bit.)

where will the workshop be held: my place, in corona, ca

what to bring: your camera (doesn’t matter what you have, but it would be best if you had a dslr which basically means a camera where you can change out the lenses. if you don’t have one, it’s totally cool; this class is still geared for you!! if you are in the market for buying a new camera let me know and i will make some suggestions.)

what will all of this cost: $195.00 for the three evenings of workshopping! (your tuition includes a whole bunch of great knowledge on how to shoot better pictures of your own children, incredible after dinner edibles, and a few surprises to help inspire you to get to shooting.)

i want to keep the class smallish, so if you are interested jump on it. ;) i would love to meet you and have you in my home to be able to discuss the most important role we have, and how to document it more passionately.

join us! it’s going to be great!! come and take advantage of this great offer to better learn how to document your child’s life.

a few mom’s from the first mamarazzi class shared this:

to say kamee is a good photographer would be true, but she’s more like incredible. to say kamee is a good instructor would be true, but she’s more like inspirational. in one night, my eyes were opened to the power of a great image. over the course of the workshop i began to feel like a true photographer for my little girl and family. kamee taught us to compose beautiful shots using variable light for differing effects. she showed us how to operate our cameras and get more from them than automatic settings could produce. kamee can teach anything and you will have fun; photography is her passion and you will likely take some of it with you. you will receive incredible support and encouragement from the other mommies too. if you are considering this workshop…sign up for sure!! –anne

mamarazzi turned my interest in photography into a passion. i learned how to capture the priceless personailities and precious memories of my little ones as they truly are in the moment which is something that my family and i will forever treasure. as an aspiring photography hobbiest, the class provided a foundation for future endeavors, as a mom, i was given the opportunity to learn how to beautifully document the lives of my children in a way that conveys how i see and treasure them everyday. thank you kamee for that priceless gift! –sandra

went into this class wanting to learn what the buttons on my camera were. i did learn that and so so so much more! not only did i learn to take beautiful natural pictures of my daughter but i unwrapped a new creative hobby! all the ladies in the class were so encouraging, inspiring, and sweet!!! and kamee, well i couldn’t have asked for a better teacher! i left so inspired and the passion is still burning strong! people ask me questions about their camera all the time now! it is not something i could just “quickly explain”. that’s why i HIGHLY recommend this class! –monica

i would love to have you at the super duper reprise; hope you’ll be able to make it! please email me with any questions at kamee@kameejune.com.

baby, it was cold outside

oh the delay. so sorry. i think we can all appreciate “how it goes”. i have had these on my desktop for two months now. i have been playing with them, re-playing, sharing a few here and there, but here are my favs. the top list of shots from my kickin’ it session in colorado!! thank you janeen, becca, and  jessica for giving us a reason to freeze together!! ;) and thank you to karen and justin for freezing your booties off for us!! i knew we were going to be so happy with what we shot, even if it did mean we lost a finger or two in the process. i left the shoot with a deeper appreciation for colleagues that aren’t able to shoot all year round, or if they do for their abilities to shoot with gloves on!! ;)

i don’t think you will feel any chill when looking at these, but here’s hoping they do give you a romantic chill or two!! ;)

the forecast tomorrow says that california is going to be in the low 80′s; come to california to kick it; it’s a bit warmer!!! ;)

would love to set something up for you!! contact me if you are interested in a kickin’ session! i would love to be a part of your photographic new year!!!


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