a modern audrey hepburn and gene kelley: bri and phil part two

in audrey’s own words: if i’m honest i have to tell you i still read fairy-tales and i like them best of all.

if this wedding were a book it would for sure have read like a fairy tale, and would have made the real audrey so proud!

for the first part of their wedding day, click here.

i left you right about here:

they chose not to see each other before, which for them, was perfect!! i loved how free they were with their emotions how undaunted they were to share with everyone their true hearts:

loved both of these for some reason. there is just a stillness to them. the moment and detail of a ceremony that i felt particular fond of:

this moment makes me smile. every. single. time.

a favorite family portrait. bri with her brothers. good stuff.

a few outtakes before formals:

and a bridal party, fit to party:

and a portrait session that has my heart:

was something about this i just loved:

all brides are beautiful, but this one was audrey beautiful…

and all groom’s are handsome, but this one was handsomely awesome and cool:

and together, they are something truly special:


canvas please:


they dined and danced, and mostly celebrated the fact that their life, together, had officially started:

a few more final portraits before sending them off:

bri and phil,

i adore you both, so much! thank you for sharing all of it with me! i am so grateful!!! can’t wait to deliver your album and have some “real” italian!! much, much love to you both, kj

a few details from the wedding:

venue: richard nixon library, yorba linda

caterer: jason’s catered events

cake designer: it’s all about the cake

dj: extreme dj

bridesmaids’ dresses: enzoani

bride’s dress: enzoani

shoes: badgley mischka

flowers: design by aubrey

hair and make up: kitsch by kat

day of wedding coordinator: diana lasus

and a thank you shout out to my good friends and assistants that day: rebecca and brooke (was such a great day with you both!! ;)


my children’s children

[my] children’s children will hear a good story.

–richard adams, watership down

i hope their childhood is filled with good stories. stories they tell their kids over and over again, like how we woke up to watch the sunrise this am, then we started doing holiday crafts because we were to excited to wait, and how we finally settled back in bed to watch a 800am movie while eating ice cream for breakfast.

gun and lark, you two are walking fodder for good literature. everything you do makes for a great story!

with all my heart, i love you!!

your christmas list

did you add this workshop to it?

get it on the list. put it at the top. if you ask for anything this year; if you attend anything, at all, this year, it has to be this.

the love+marriage=baby carriage workshop is just a few months away. julie and i are getting all of the details together and are so excited for what is to unfold in march! we would LOVE for you to be a part of it!!

check out all of the details on the workshop here.

you will leave the workshop filled with so much. so much inspiration and knowledge. your two days will include tips and tricks on how to help you be a better shooter at all things love (engagment), marriage (wedding), and baby carriage (new borns, kids, and families). this workshop will make you, hands down, a more holistic shooter and more savvy entrepreneur and business owner. get ready to take yourself, your technique, and your business to an entirely new level.

it needs to be on your list. and julie and i have everything crossed that the santa’s in your life deliver it under your tree!

a few hugs and kisses for luck, may you get your wish!

a few baby snuggles and family loves will add some extra luck:

and a giddy laugh at the possiblity that you could be attending a really incredible workshop, a really incredible place to build community and skill:

and some random prettiness to remind you that everything you shoot at the workshop, everything, will be yours, for your portfolio building. and there will be about 4 shoots. that’s a whole lot of pretty:

here’s hoping you get all of the wishes on your list and that you are able to attend the workshop in march!! please contact me or julie if you have any questions!! until then, happy list making and holidays!! xoxo kj

something hot: kamee june holiday gift cards

i told my friends last night at dinner while discussing holiday gift giving, “do not under estimate the power of the gift card.” it is, hands down, the best gift. and a gift card that helps to make memories? even better!!

take care of some last minute shopping right here. put money towards a session, purchase the whole session, buy a gift card to contribute to a print order, or help pay for a kickin’ it session or a workshop. you choose the amount, purchase the card, and i’ll send you something to wrap or stuff into a stocking. ;) piece of cake. and you didn’t even have to go out in the last minute nut-so crazy shopping throng! ;)

contact me if you have any questions or would like a gift card with a different monetary value. i would love to be a part of your holiday gift giving this year!!

kamee june gift cards

and as if the gift card wasn’t hot enough, let’s just throw this out there too to really get things simmering! ;)

the winter queen

you’ve seen here before, but i can’t stop thinking about her today. so i thought we could revisit, seeing as it is her season and all.

love to maria, kat, and teryn. these images remind me of all of you!

the winter queen by e.j. stevens

In the dark world of Shadow
During Solstice the Longest Night
The Winter Queen stirs
While her dreaded frost minions
Take flight

In this land of cold and fear
Stands a palace of ice and stone
Where locked deep within
Sits the Winter Queen upon
Her throne

Awareness returns to her
As she tries to open her eyes
Memory and pain
Erupts, but ice seals away
Her cries

The only thing not frozen
Are Winter Queen’s immortal tears
Which sparkle as they
Flow down her cheeks mingling with
Her fears

No one dare enter her realm
No man will ever kiss her lips
For death lingers in
Her embrace, into abyss
He’ll slip

So on this dark Solstice night
The Winter Queen sits upon her throne
Knowing she will sit here
Forever frozen and all

{elevate} a fine art photography exploration: project 4

one image this month. just one to make you consider, make you think on a higher level, make you wonder and make you look twice, just in case you are missing something…

i want to know what you are thinking. look at her several times today. come back and ruminate. think about the textures, colors, light, and then formulate an opinion. what does she mean? what are you supposed to understand? what are you supposed to glean from this one piece? every artist is trying to tell you something; sometimes what we take is their intended meaning and sometimes we absorb what is needed for us, in our current truth. what does she speak to you? what does she teach you about self?

i want to start a discussion here, want to know your thoughts, and how they apply to us all…just like a main purpose of art: i want to expand our shared knowledge of a common visual experience.

i’ll chime in here and there and for sure at the end of the day to elucidate on our concept.

in the meantime, consider, think, feel, wonder, enjoy:

from my heart thank you to nicole deanne,(hair and make up design) nancy jr.,(floral headpiece design) and violet fiori,(model design ;)) for the shared vision.

nicole, you bleed talent. it drips from you. it must be painful to be as good as you are! as cool as you are! ;) thank you so much for carrying through the concept with your genius hair and make up; LOVED working together on this. and the crimper? art in itself. ;) xoxo to you, friend!!

nancy, wherever you walk flowers bloom. i love it after our visits because i find petals everywhere; they remind me of you and your gift to see people and the flowers that represent them. just thinking of you inspires me. thank you, for everything! so grateful for the aquatic zone; who knew!?!

and andrea, couldn’t have been possible with out a lovely canvas. thank you for bringing the idea to life. was so nice meeting; looking forward to photographing more of you soon!! ;)

thank you again for being a part of this month’s project and for stretching yourselves as well to make it happen!! love to you all!

follow wendy’s link here for more of this month’s fine art circle; her image is absolutely incredible!!

the more i consider

life and it’s levels the more i come back to the importance of good people, and surrounding yourself with them. the more time i spend with syl the more time i want to spend with her, because she is one of those. the kind that uplift, the kind that make you feel like you are the only person in the world when she is with you, the kind that support your dreams and hold your heart, good and safe, nice and warm. i love syl and all she stand for and believes in. she does make this world a better place just by being a part of it. i am grateful for her influence on me; i am thankful for the support and encouragement she offers me as a friend and colleague; i appreciate the perspective she offers and the understanding she is always willing to share.

i don’t believe in chance. i feel all things happen because we need them at a certain reason at a specific time. i need this incredible person in my life, and i am so glad she is in it!

thank you syl, from my heart, for being so good to me, and everyone you know and meet!! you are touching lifes, and that, is what matters!!

happy holidays syl!! may they be as bright as you are!!!! love to you all, kj

a modern audrey hepburn and gene kelley: bri and phil part one

she really is a modern audrey. her style, her choices, the way she speaks and carries herself, just so sophisticated and refined. wherever she walks, flowers bloom. bri, in every way, is a lady, and i love that about her, she is just so resplendant and so sweet. she and phil’s wedding was perfectly befitting of them, their characters, and their romance. this really is the story of a boy, who fell head over heels in love, with the perfect feminine!!!

the flowers? so bri. truthfully there was never a wedding bouquet more suitably made for a bride than this one.

all the details were so impeccable. so elegant and stylishly graceful:

the cake? bri and phil’s cake really was an artistic work of art.

bri and phil were married at the richard nixon library in yorba linda, california. the ballroom, could have potentially been built, for bri. ;)

just so stately, so regal.

wait until you see their first dance pictures; the couple+the room? photo genius!! ;) hang tight for those; they are coming in part too. along with a portrait session i am in love with!!!

a few more details:

and in true kamee june fashion, i am going to leave you here…

i’ll be back with the rest soon!! they are stunning, without a doubt a wedding i will never forget!! i will be back with a full vendors list as well! you will want to know all of the details for sure!!

enjoy the prelude for now!!

bri and phil, i adore you both and all you embody. thank you for inspiring me on so many levels!! xox kj

i know. i know.

i know i post this all the time, but i just had to share it again. ;) probably because it takes me back to such. a. sweet. place.

happy december everyone.

may it be memorable and magical.

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