my new ryan: bri and phil’s engagement session

i have an affinity for people named ryan. not sure why, i just do. when i meet them i just like them. i dated 3 ryans and pseudo loved two of love and was crazy school girl giddy over the third. if i had had my way, and the name didn’t remind jaren of the pseudo loves, our children would have been named ryan 1 and ryan 2. ;)

i now have a current affinity for anyone named bri and phil. fell in love with these two seconds after we met! you’ll see why!! they are flirty and fun, passionate and pretty (yes, phil is the handsome version of pretty ;)), witty and whimsically in love!! i can’t wait for their wedding day in oct!! a fall wedding…sign…

i love fall weddings, and i am so excited to be a part of theirs!! it’s going to be a knock out on every level (bri’s an interior designer; phil a chef! ;))

these two could easily be my new “ryan”! ;)

i was so enchanted by bri’s beauty. she’s a grace kelly for sure. just so refined and sweet. and phil, hysterical, so funny the whole time!! i loved their chemistry and interactions. they played off of each other perfectly!! one thing though, never ask them to sing blue moon, no matter what? they just can’t do it! ;)

the next few? my new ryan!!

the pop of orange here? RYAN!!! bri and phil here? double ryan!!! we wrapped their session by the water. it couldn’t have been more perfect. out of all we shot i think these nailed their personalities and love the very best!!

bri and phil, i can’t wait for your wedding day! thanks for sharing some sand and surf with me!! i totally loved our time together!! you two are for sure my new ryan!! xoxo kj


day free from labor

i hope it was a good one! ;)

i love everything about this photograph. to those who labor in the service for our country, i am grateful. thank you.

may the week back in our labors be a good one!

more from one of my favorite families soon…

just justine

i love all things beautiful.

thank you to everyone who came to yesterday’s small workshop on owning and operating a small business; i had a great time and was so happy to meet you!

thank you to jessica hale frederick for the hair, make up and styling of our shoot.

to justine for being our gorgeous model.

to amanda for being such a great support, assistant and friend.

and to everyone, again, who made it out!! here’s to you and your businesses! may they grow! may you find success! and may you always be happy with your creative and professional endeavors! thank again for coming!! xoxo kj

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