vera wang

kelley was made for vera wang, or vera wang was made for kelley. either way i loved it from top to bottom, the dress and every layer of her and tom’s wedding day.

just a delicate sliver of kelley and vera wang for now:

kelley deserved vera! her story, the happy ending, soon!!

“psst, carrots!!”

i was raised on classics: literature, movies, music. i can sing and dance to any rogers and hammerstein musical you throw out; amc movies will always be my favs; and the books, oh the books, i can still smell the pages and see the stories of little women, the secret garden, and anne of green gables, just to name a few. i had a particular affinity for anne of green gables; i just felt connected to her for some reason. anne loves and hates with equal intensity. she creates lifelong alliances with people she considers “kindred spirits” and holds year-long grudges against people who cross her. anne’s temper, as fiery as her hair, flares at minimal provocations, and she screams and stamps her foot when anger gets the best of her. anne is drawn to riches and refinement. she despises her red hair and longs for porcelain skin and golden hair. she imagines that which displeases her as different than what it is, dreaming up a more perfect world. as she grows older, she mellows. her temper settles, she stops hating her appearance, she appreciates the simplicity of her life and prefers it to wealth, and although her imagination is still profound, she loves the world as it is. i loved her gilbert blythe romance that started with him teasing her by calling her “carrots” then developed into a deep and meaningful friendship and finally a true romance. i secretly dreamed of saying to the man i was going to marry, “i don’t want sunbursts or marble halls; all i want is you!”

my affinity for red heads started with my love for the anne novels. i have loved all red heads and have felt magnetized to them ever since. this little red was no different. i knew from my first sight of her that i was going to find a kindred spirit. (i feel the same for her family, all of them! ;))

what’s her story? how closely does her disposition follow that of anne’s?

callie-girl, you are so perfectly imaginative and spirited! so happy we met and i can add you to my list of favorite red heads!!!

more from your family vacation shoot, soon!! thanks for sharing some time jumping on the bed with me, kj

pretty by the poolside: a maternity shoot

this hot mama never made pregnancy or summer for that matter look so good.

jess, i am thinking about you! your life is about to change on every possible level! can’t wait for all of your incredible changes. that baby holds a portion of your heart; it’s interesting how immediate and deep your love is.

i am thankful for you and our friendship, and that baby cash, is so lucky to have YOU!

and the world holds no chance: he will steal the hearts of everyone he meets. can’t wait for him to steal mine!!

until then keep those feet up pool side and stay cool (i meant that literally, not like i was signing your yearbook or something like that: stay cool and sweet and pretty and keep in touch. i really meant crank the ac!!!


jess, you seriously make summer and pregnancy look so dang cool!! love to you and your family!! excited for what’s in store!! xoxo kj

so unbelievably fabulous

these two were. their whole family was.

it must hurt to be this glamourously fab.

more from the beverly hills hotel and a shoot i will not soon forget, because it was so incredibly fab.

i mean, just look…

enjoy a taste.

more from a family that made me and katrina feel so glamorously at home!! can’t wait to share!!

lipgloss love bug

when i was little i used to love sneaking in to my sister’s room. she locked it, in attempts to keep me out, but i was too smart for that! i would push a chair to her door, climb atop, and somehow with bobby pins or safety pins or something would undo the lock. kori’s room was like a disneyland of trinkets, dolls, and most importantly flavored lipgloss. once in the classified room i would hone my sights on her stash of gloss. i’d pop the tops on those babies and glide them across my small lips. then i’d eat them. not big waxy bites, little ones, but still i thought those glosses were candy.

interesting how history does repeat itself.

my little girl sneaks into my room, opens the drawer where i keep my stash then settles down to apply, reapply, and, it’s true, eat my lipgloss!!

she’s away at grandma’s house right now. the quiet has been nice, but i am starting to miss her sneaking, and rummaging, then settling, and her being so cute-ing! ;)

after her gloss is significantly applied (meaning it drips of in big splashes); she likes to read to me a bit. it’s adorable listening to her “read”.

the drawers are stocked with gloss larkee-lou! i can’t wait for you to come home!!

i love you so much my lipgloss love bug!!! see you soon!!! xoxo mom

ps just a quick little tangent story: our kids have been with their cousins at our house and now at theirs since early june. our kids have gotten so used to the cousins calling us kam and uncle jaren that they have started doing the same. it’s pretty hysterical to hear lark call her dad, “uncwle jarwen.” good stuff.

have a great day everyone!!!! may you buy a new gloss and share it!!

a soldier’s love: erin and john’s wedding

A soldier stops to make a wish

Upon a shooting star

He thinks of all the things he’ll miss

Now that he’s so far.

The sweet smell of her hair

And the way she used to smile

He hopes his love will reach

Across the many miles.

He’ll miss the way he held her close

With her head against his heart

Wishing he was with her

And they weren’t so far apart.

He’ll miss her gentle voice

Seeing his future in her eyes

He knows a love this strong

Will surely never die.

He’ll miss the sound of laughter

And how he’d watch her sleep

He knows the love he feels for her

Has never run so deep.

He’ll miss her tender kiss

And the way she held his hand

He hopes when he returns

He’ll wear her wedding band.

john, thank you for the many sacrifices you have made and are making for our country; we are grateful. erin, thank you for sharing him with the rest of us; we know your sacrifice is great as well!!

thank you for sharing your love with me! thinking about both of you now while you are apart!! much love to you both, kj

(poem compliments of:


love+marriage=baby carriage

somethings in life are just exciting:

a first kiss.

winter’s inaugural snow.

a child learning to read.

watching shooting stars on a house boat at lake powell.

the u2 concert.

fresh cinnamon rolls from the oven.

an unexpected surprise that arrives in the mail or on the doorstep.

the nordstrom half yearly.


it’s true; i am easily excitable. i get pretty jazzed about most stuff. there is something happening though, right now, that has me dancing like i have ants in my pants! how’s that for imagery. make them fire ants. i am that excited i am dancing the red- hot- fire- ant excitement dance. :)

my colleague and good friend, julie, of julie rollins photography and i had a vision.

it’s time to finally share it with all of you! we are joining forces to teach a workshop, unlike any other, currently offered! we are playing on our strengths to bring you an all inclusive experience of being a better photographer at all genres of photography and a better small business entrepreneur. i want to scream and run and jump and tell everyone about how excited i am!!!! it’s going to be incredible and we would love to have you as a part of it!!

join in me the red- hot- fire- ant excitement dance!!!!

follow the link to our site where you will be able to read all the details!

love+marriage=baby carriage

please email any questions you have regarding the workshop to! we are looking forward to it!! we hope to see you all in march!!!

until then, keep on dancin’!!!

xoxo kj

what i’ve been up to…

i’ve got so much to share. so. much. to share.

it’s been a busy summer so far on this end! lots of cool stuff going down and happening here! just wanted to post a bit of where i have been; more soon (the blog is so bogged; they are coming, just be patient!! ;))

more of john and erin’s beach side wedding:

more from bri and phil’s fabbity fab fab engagement session:

more enchanting-ness from the organic perfume: my friend and incredible florist and designer, nancy jr:

more from mich and dylan’s “romance is so tangible” or at least that’s what i am calling it shoot:

more from tricia and rudy’s totally rockin’ wedding:


more from an engagement session that i am flipping over. so natural together. so into eachother. so good. lori and brian’s engagment photographs coming soon:

jess’s summer baby bump. flipping my wig over these! it’s just not fair we can’t all look this good 9 months pregnant! (thinking of you jess!!)

more from marie and dave’s so sweet wedding:

and a really big and really cool announcement!! julie and i are drumming up something so good; i’m bursting to tell you all!! SOON!!! it’s coming soon! ;) hang tight!! photo credit for this one compliments of my dear and incredibly talented friend, rachel clare:

and that’s what’s been going on of late…

next week there will be more to tell…

i will get caught up someday, right?

here’s to a great and productive week!!!

cheers, kj


captain underpants

i love this boy. so much.

he and his sister are away at their grandparents’ house right now. the house feels empty. super empty. i miss those two, but know they are safe and having a great time! before he left i grabbed him for a few minutes. i wanted to immortalize something: my little boy, who’s growing so fast. he’s such good stuff, so fun and good and such a sweet, sweet boy! he makes me laugh and fall in love with innocence over and over again each day. i hope his heart always stays as pure as it is now!!

i love you so much captain underpants!!! miss you!! see you soon, gun!!! xoxo mom

boom! boom! fire power!!!!

can’t wait to have you home to jump on the bed together!!!


i love you brother bear!!!! missing you! mom

DATE CHANGE!!! tattoo: branding, marketing, and running a small business side kick with kj

i will never get a tattoo. i would need to be numbed from the neck down to do it. i am so afraid of pain, that it kind of wigs me out thinking about paying for pain. BUT if i did get one, i know this sounds narcissistic, but i would get lowercase letters kj, in some really cool font and i would put it in a place that no one would ever see.  :) when i am working hard and super proud of myself the letters would stand for kamee june, when i am just being normal mom the letters would remind me of a team of people who somehow make things happen for each other and their little family: kamee and jaren. not so narcissistic, right? ;) kind of cool? it will never happen because i am a big chicken and because it doesn’t wash off. and what if i change my middle name or something! ;) just kidding!!

625px-Tattoo_needleblog(image courtesy of wikimedia)

seriously now, every business needs to tattoo itself with symbols, colors, and designs that set it apart from the rest. every business, including your own, no matter how small or big, needs to have a strong and significant brand that figuratively tattoos itself to your market and clients. a photographer’s brand, any small business’s brand, is so incredibly important! so is that small businesses ability to market that brand and herself as an artist. branding isn’t the only important element to being business saavy, however. there is so much that goes in behind the scenes to make a business thrive. this month’s sidekick will share tips and tricks on making yours tick! ;)


this sidekick is going to be all about the business end of a small business: how to make it run, how to follow through with your business practices from top to bottom, how to brand yourself appropriately, and how to market yourself effectively.

it is going to be great, super valuable, and will send you off in the right direction with some new ideas on how to brand, market, run a successful small business front end and back, how to find clients and keep your current ones for years to come, and how to grow as an artist and professional! this workshop isn’t only for the photographer. it’s going to be valuable for all small businesses and will give anyone some great tips on running a successful business of their own!

this sidekick is, however, geared to those who have already started their business practices and are ready for new directions and encouragements!

when: saturday, SEPTEMBER 3rd 10am-1pm DATE CHANGE DUE TO UNFORESEEN!! (the original date was july 16th; it has now been moved to the 3rd of september!!)

*if you choose to shoot with us we will be shooting around 300pm (we’ll break for lunch at 1 and then pick up again for our shoot at 3)

where: we’ll be meeting at a local tattoo shop for this sidekick. JUST KIDDING!! ;)

it’ll be at my place, corona ca

how much: there are three options; come for the side kick, come for the side kick AND a rad shoot (if you want to practice shooting together or get some tips for your business in terms of your shooting, OR just come for the awesome shoot.)

$295.00 (your tuition will include all the small business information, tips to help you get moving with your own, a light brunch, and a few other goodies to take with you.)

$375.00 (your tuition will include all the small business information, tips to get you moving with your own, a light brunch, goodies to take with you, and one rockin’ fully stylized shoot!! it’s going to be so good and so fun! i can’t wait for this summer themed shoot! if you choose this option we will break for lunch (lunch isn’t included in the workshop tuition) and then start shooting as soon as our models are prepped and ready!)

$175.00 (feeling good about your business then join us just for the shoot! this tuition will include one fully stylized shoot!)

it’s going to be great and filled with so much valuable information!! would love to have you!!

email me with any questions you might have.

until then, kamee



kickin’ it with kj: running a small business workshop


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