to be inspired

i was inspired at every turn in new york city: the texture, color, flavor of the city, all of it mesmerized. there really is something magnetic about that place. what is it? there is just something different. maybe it’s the movement, the pulse, the energy, the baked good. ;) i am not sure but i know i have an affinity for that place and everything that exists on the tiny island!

i have a special affinity for these two, also found in new york!! such charming people. i knew the second we met i was going to love them! so happy and smiley: my kind of people! they inspired me too. inspired me to walk with more spring in my step, to hold hands with someone (preferably special to me ;)) wherever i go, to steal a kiss whenever i want one (preferably from someone i want to kiss ;)), to laugh out loud, to try something new, to live in the moment, and to eat more delicious baked goods with good friends. ;)

bottom line: i’m so glad i met nat and nick.

they are such good people.

i’m am so happy for them!

congrats my friends!

thank you for inspiring me!!

love, absolutely, this image.

thank you again to nick and natalie for being so willing and so in love!

to katrina for working the hair, make up, and styling magic.

kellie for the love and support.

and yvonne for giving us the reason to be inspired in the first place.

love to you all!! here’s to being inspired, but whatever, or whomever it may be! ;)


stay calm and carry on

wanted to share the lovely we shot at the photoshop workshop i held earlier this month.

you enchanted yet? feeling calm? like you want to carry on? let’s do…

love the next three. so. much.

she is an enchantress. she had us all eating out of her palm for sure. had the light lasted we would have shot into the wee hours…

alyssa, no photoshop technique could make you more beautiful than you already are!!! ;)

so many people to thank:

amanda: thank you for being so constant and loyal! thanks for all the prep work, leg work, back end, front end and delicious dinner that added to my back end! ;) all jokes aside, i am so grateful for all the spirit you add to all things kj. ;)

april: thank you for helping amanda get it all set up and for all the encouragement and friendship you offer me!

jessica: i loved all the “pretty” you added to the shoot! and your “keep calm and carry on” attitude; it was so good!!! thank you for all of the hair, make up, and wardrobe talents you shared!! excited for our next projects!!

maria: thanks for doing all the shopping! ;) i knew you would come thru with excellent choices!! ;) LOVED spending time with you too!! ;)

alyssa: YOU are so stunning!! thank you for being our model extraordinaire!! you were incredible!

and a big thank you to all of the photographers who came and added to the evening with their enthusiasm and passion!!

remember to carry on…you will find our sweet spot…keep calm; there will always be something to learn!! ;)

thank you again to everyone for a great evening!!


sing with me sing, for the years; a rockin’ sneak peek

sing for the laughter, sing for the tears. sing with me, it’s just for today…

here’s just a peek and tricia and rudy’s totally rockin’ wedding at the hard rock hotel in downtown san diego.

LOVED everything about it.

can’t wait for you to see the rest…

until then…rock on!!!!

it’s heatin’ up!!!

welcome summer!! it’s here for sure! the temperature doesn’t lie!! ;)

my kids want to spend the day in the pool (fine by me; they crash by 700pm each night!) with otter pops in hand! we are stocked on sunscreen and swimsuits and if all we eat is watermelon for every meal then that’s fine by me! ;)

i also love that it’s the season for vacations! just the word has so many awesome connotations.

i feel honored to be a part of several summer vacations this year! thank you for including me in all the plans and fun! i love it!! just a sneak peek from my most recent family vacation session.

i loved everything about this image.

more soon from this incredible family and their summer vacation session soon!!

until then, i’ll be kickin’ it pool side!!! ;) happy summer everyone!!!


before the throne of beauty XXVI by khalil gibran

“…After a deep silence, mingled with sweet dreams, I asked, “Speak to me of that beauty which the people interpret and define, each one according to his own conception; I have seen her honored and worshipped in different ways and manners.”  

She answered, “Beauty is that which attracts your soul, and that which loves to give and not to receive. When you meet Beauty, you feel that the hands deep within your inner self are stretched forth to bring her into the domain of your heart. It is the magnificence combined of sorrow and joy; it is the Unseen which you see, and the Vague which you understand, and the Mute which you hear – it is the Holy of Holies that begins in yourself and ends vastly beyond your earthly imagination.”

…And as she withdrew, I found me alone in the valley. When I returned to the city, whose turbulence no longer vexed me, I repeated her words:

“Beauty is that which attracts your soul, and that which loves to give and not to receive.”

may your soul be attracted today.
may you be inspired by this beauty.

skyler, your beauty is non-paralled, defined by your spirit and your heart!! congratulations on what awaits. congratulations on the beauty you are and the beauty that seeks you…


the one who loves you the most: nat and nic in nyc part 1

several of you already know that my husband is getting his mba; i’m proud of him. he’s doing so much and working so hard and getting by on very. little. sleep. and very little time with his family. we understand, and soak him up when he is around, but our time with him is limited. my time with him is limited. we were talking about the week’s events on sunday night; like usually he is gone one night, i’m gone the next; i’m home, he’s gone; he’s home, i’m gone. it’s just the way we are right now, just the way we manage. anyway, we were discussing the plans and what needed to happen to make things happen. i said, “so i guess i’ll see you on friday.” sometimes i’ll be in bed before he gets home; it makes me oddly happy to wake up in the middle of the night and see his frame breathing next to me, sometimes that’s all i see him during the day.

this will pass. our lives will regulate. until then i’ll live for each friday when my man comes home and we get at least 6 straight hours together.

i think that’s one of the reasons i love spending time with other couples and seeing how much they love one another. it reminds me of the man who loves me the most in this world, the one who works the hardest at everything he does to make me and our children happy. when i see how others love it reminds me of how much i love and how much i am loved.

natalie and nic were gracious enough to be models for us during my trip to nyc; they perfect, perfectly in love!! and,they just got engaged!!!! i am thrilled for them and so happy that their love has taken them to that step!! much love and congratulations to them both.

they made me feel so grateful for the nearness of the one person who makes everything feel better, who makes everything happy in your heart, who, no matter where he is or how much time he spends away pursuing dreams, loves you the most.

i am so happy for these happy they have each other to share a life with. their relationship really is so special. i wanted to spend all afternoon basking in it, because it reminded me so much of my own!! ;)

i’ll be back with a second post with a couple who reminds me how special it is to be loved!! congratulations again nat and nic!!! much love to you both!!

nat and nic’s styling (hair, make up, and wardrobe) is brought to you by the uber talented and incredibly fab katrina.

thanks kat, yvonne, kellie, nat and nic, and the city of new york for showing so much love!!! part 2 soon!!!

i’m a sucker for a redhead: a quick sneak peek

just a quick peek at bri and phil’s laguna beach engagement session.

i’m in love. with these two. they are so good and wonderful. so sweet and kind. just two for now, but there are 536 i want to blog!! hang tight; the blog is a little bit bogged right now!! i have so much awesome to share!!

for now may you all be as in love as these two!!! happy week everyone!! kj

what’d i tell her if i knew she was listening

if i could tell her anything it would be this:

you are on the brink of a new world. everything you could possibly want or need or feel or believe is at your finger tips. whatever you want to accomplish or dream will happen if you work. belief in yourself and a power greater than you will always see you through. remember your people, that they love you for you! you control the destiny of your life.

don’t be afraid to share and make yourself vulnerable. don’t worry about what others think; who cares about them? don’t live for any other moment expect the one you are currently living.

you are a gift; shine on!

dance like no one is watching. read books like it’s going out of style. listen to your friends with your ears and your heart. smile even when it hurts. put one foot in front of the other.

live. love. experience. feel. believe.

that’s what i’d tell her…if i knew she was listening.

eden, i’m so happy for you! congratulations on all of your accomplishments and successes. there are so many more that await! remember what it told you; it’s so important! this time, right now, is about YOU! much love to you and the class of 2011!! cheers, kj

the rain: part deux

there was a break in the rain so we ran for it. we tried to go underground but the trains were out! so we went to the surface again to try and find taxis, by this time the rain was starting up again, and by the time we all got in our cabs it was pouring!!! we told the cabbie to take up to the brooklyn bridge, because we were going to shoot it no matter what!!

kellie shot these images of our trip to the bridge. i was too car sick to turn around to get one myself!! (crazy cab driver) it gives you a pretty good idea of what we were working with!

when we got to the bridge we realized it just wasn’t going to happen. the wind had picked up and the rain was just too inconsolable. and we ran the risk of our model being picked up and washed into the hudson, seeing as she only weighs a buck 10!! ;)

the point? you can make beauty happen even if it’s raining and you are wet to your britches, if you really want to and everyone involved shares your vision! i am so glad everyone that day did!!

i adore this one. just something about it:

it was just getting too cold. so we took it underground.

to get the blurry effect here breath on your lens:

this one was not meant to be blurry, but once i saw it, i was so glad it was! i love it!! it’s one of my favorites!!

if the taxi made me sick, you better believe shooting in a moving train did a number on my stomach as well! ;) i just couldn’t stop though; i pleaded for a few more frames when we got off the train, because i saw the tile, and i couldn’t resist:

the rain died the next day, but as far as i was concerned it had stopped still, there wasn’t even a pitter pat.

thank you again to anne and her man! you two were so great to work with! i know we had you out in the cold and wind, but you were so good to allow us to continue shooting!! thank you for your help and kindness!

to katrina for all the styling genius!

to kellie for enduring the rain with a laugh!!

and once again to olivia for sharing her apartment with us for the first portion of the shoot; we were appreciative!! thank you!!

and to the city of new york, i love you even when you are raining!!!


some travel: and a kamee “june” groupon

if i could travel myself anywhere right now, and could go with an unlimited budget, i would go here:

wouldn’t that be nice? anyone care to join me? you can have the same unlimited budget! ;)

on other travel fronts, non dream related, i am planning some travel  in the next few months. if it works with your calendars i would love to meet for a portrait or a kickin’ it session! let’s make it happen!!

summer is the perfect time to get your family portraits done: everyone is healthy, happy, sun-kissed, not rushed with the christmas hustle. gets those portraits checked off the list now!!!

i will be in san francisco next month and have some time to shoot or kick it!!

june 17th, 18th in the evening, and 19th are available. i will be in san fran proper but will be able to travel a bit if you are close to the city and want to meet up!

july 22nd- august 4th i will be in utah. i will be staying in the orem area but will be free to travel while i am there too.

then when it cools down in the fall i am planning to be in arizona november 3-6, all around the phoenix area and down to surprise too. (there is going to be mamarazzi class while i am there: friday the 4th in surprise, az!! registration to follow. ;))

for details on portrait sessions and kickin it with kamee june personalized photography instruction email me at


it’s the kamee june “book in june” groupon! if you book a wedding or portrait session in the month of june (wedding or session DOES NOT have to be in the month of june only the booking) you will be able to choose one of the following to be redeemed with your package. my treat!!


10% off your entire wedding package


25 artistically edited files from engagement shoot and wedding day (25 total)


8×8 photo to photo wedding album (includes 20 images from the wedding day; images selected for album will also be included, fully enhanced on dvd)


2 hours of additional wedding day shoot time


portrait sessions

15% off your session fee


1 digitally enhanced file (perfect for your christmas card needs; file will be full resolution, full edit, full rights)


11 x 14 print


this special starts today and lasts thru june 30th. get to booking!!! looking forward to being a part of your memory making this year!!! happy june!!

until then, i’ll dream myself to tiffany’s in new york city, baked good and diamonds in hand!!

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