the first in a series of four: classic bride

i love to collaborate. it’s really cool to me to see the genius that happens when brains get together and rain out ideas. i love it. i crave it, and a lot of times create it because, well, i. have. to. create. a while ago i had an idea. i took it to the stylist extraordinaire. then i shared it with a great friend and talent beyond description and before long we had something good; really good.

it will be coming at you in four parts. this is the first: classic bride.

classic |ˈklasik|


judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind : a classic novel | a classic car.

• (of a garment or design) of a simple elegant style not greatly subject to changes in fashion : this classic


























and a thank you to hannah for being so classically beautiful. ;)

a woman should be two things: classy and fabulous. — coco chanel

the look of accomplishment: chelsea

it’s one of the best feelings to work really hard for something, earn the objective, and know, wholeheartedly, that you deserved what you were working for. i do love how hard work reaps major benefits, especially intrinsic ones. i have graduated from college twice now, both times i felt so proud of myself for doing something so significant. when i am on college campuses it makes me want to either go back to the classroom or seek another degree. it’s crazy, but there is something in me that is constantly reaching for the feeling i get when i achieve. chelsea is very much the same. i have known her several years now and never has she once taken the shortcut to get to the goal. she is graduating from chapman university in a few weeks with a degree in business. her talents run deep, her character stays loyal and consistent, her motivation and drive unparalleled. she believes in herself and in the power of hard work! i am so proud of her! i always have been! although her undergrad is ending she is pushing her education to higher levels with plans to attend law school. it has been so neat to see where her journey has led her. chelsea, you are an inherently good and nice person! ;) your energy and persona are contagious and your drive to accomplish inspiring! i am so happy for you! congratulations on this incredible achievement. i knew great things awaited in your future. greater things still await, walk forward to find them!! much love to you talented one! xoxox nuz









chelsea, you are so loved!! ;) go where success awaits you, but may you remember all the support behind you! you are a treasure and a gift to this world! i always knew my future and my children’s future would be in good hands with you!!



he doesn’t need anymore holes in his head, but alas, they keep coming.



she packed hers, and moved away. took everything and followed her heart. her heart told her it was time, time for change, something new, and a great life defining adventure.




kara has always been someone special to me. we have become great friends since the days she was a student in my english class. i didn’t see her as much as i would have liked when she lived 45 minutes away, but i still feel a void knowing she is 4.5 days away now. like all those who love her i too want her happy and protected. she is such a good person with a warm and kind heart. she deserves to be given so much love in return for what she shares with others.

i am certain her heart is safe with kyle.









change is good. we all know that. it can be hard, (it happens to be one of my biggest fears) but when we get over the initial shock of newness, there can be a great empowerment that comes with the growth and progression that change brings.

these two are going to enjoy this change, and all the time they get to be consistently together. i am sure of it!! we will miss having you close, but know you are doing what is best for your lives, and, that, makes me happy!!



favorite shot from the set:



speaking of change, there are going to be some around this place too. just subtle ones, but some changes none the less, and some big ones, hopefully within the year or at the start of 2012!! things are definitely happening around the kamee june neighborhood too. it’s time to pack things away in my business suitcases and bring out some newness! hang tight; it’s coming! ;)

kara, i love you very much, and i wish you all the good this world has to offer. kyle, i am fond of you. too. :) ps your sunglasses are coming; i promise!! pps thanks for sharing a “last supper” with us! i hope you never look at breakfast the same way again!!! much love to you both. when you are in town, dinner again? ;) xoxoxo kam


two people who belong

i love wedding vows. love them. they are so sweet to me. at every wedding i shoot, no matter the vows, i get emotional: my heart wells in connection with my eyes. it, for sure, is one of the most sacred parts of the entire day. i love the promises made on a wedding day.

a few months ago i witnessed a ceremony that really touched me. the officiant asked the attendees of the wedding who, themselves, was married. several people raised their hands. he asked, “isn’t it beautiful? isn’t it so special to be married?” everyone nodded and snuggled closer to their loves. then he said, “raise your hand if you think marriage is easy. raise your hand if you think being married is a piece of cake.” hands stayed in laps. he smiled.i did too. so did the bride and groom. “being married is a lot of work. it’s hard, and it presents unique challenges as you start to traverse life’s road with someone else!” he then encouraged everyone in attendance to be ready and willing to help the bride and groom “through good times and bad, in sickness and health…” “even though marriage is beautiful and a gift from god, it still can be difficult. this couple might call on some of you to help them at certain times. please do so. as they are about to make promises to each other, please, in your hearts, make promises to support, and love, encourage, and help this couple as they start, and live their life together…are all of your willing to do that? be the people these two can turn to? please say, i do…” the congregation echoed… I DO!!! and i started crying. good crying. i was just overwhelmed at the support this couple had as they were starting their commitment together.

marie and dave are getting ready to make special promises to each other. they know what they are starting is going to require work, and they also know that they have a love for one another that is non-paralleled. she loves him the most in this world, and he feels the same about her.

hans margolius shared, “two people that belong together make a world.” marie and dave are going to make a beautiful world together. one built on hard work, respect, mutual interest, but mostly love. i also know they will be surrounded by people who love and support them, who will help them as they live their life together!!

i am grateful to be able to be a part of the celebration of their worlds uniting!! it’s going to be so beautiful!!




















marie and dave, may the world you build be as good and as nice as your are! so happy to be a part of your wedding and all of it’s celebrations!! cheers to you both! kj


some color: my friend syl and her family

a long time ago my mother-in-law made a comment, “i am so grateful for color.” she said it years ago at a thanksgiving dinner. it left such an impression on me that, years later, i still remember it when i see great hits of color, muted color, textured color. color. period. and i echo the sentiment in my mind, i am so grateful for color, too.


i usually think of my friends in superlatives: most glamourous friend, most beautiful-smile friend, most understanding friend, most likely to pitch a tent at nordstrom with me friend, most likely to eat all the salt in the world with me friend, etc. i have started to think about my friends in colors too, all shades of them. syl, is my red friend!





i want syl to see herself like her friends see her: so supportive and kind. so filled with compassion and warmth. anyone who knows her is lucky. anyone who calls her friend knows she will always be loyal and true. i also want her to see how truly beautiful she is, on so many levels!!!

red is such a rich color, so strong and powerful. so bright and captivating, just like syl!! it happens to be my favorite color. ;)

i have know her now for almost a year, we first met at a workshop in june of last year. since then we have become friends and colleagues. she too is a photographer (it never gets easier photographing a photographer.); her site is due to launch soon, when it does there will be big shout outs for it from me!! syl has kept pushing and working and totally and completely succeeding!! she is bold and enthusiastic, just like her color association!

i was so happy when i finally got to meet her family: the tot and the chad, as she endearingly refers to them! i almost felt i was meeting celebrities. we had a good time chasing the colors of santa monica pier:




the “bubble man” albeit a little creepy was a welcomed surprise, especially for the tot:



we had to leave the bubbles to find more color. it was so sweet to see how fascinated kaleb was with everything. i love how interesting the world is to children. it inspires me actually!!





syl, i hope you know who grateful i am to have you as part of the color in my life! thank you for all the support and love and encouragement you share with me, with everyone you meet! i have always felt blessed that our paths crossed!! you add a lot of joy in the hearts of a lot of people!




anyone like to start singing “the colors of the wind.”? this is your cue! hahaha! was trying to think of some cool songs with lyrics that have to do with color. now all i have is pocahontas and vanessa william’s voice streaming through my head! i am smiling right now considering the humor of laugh. smiling also being reminded of the fond memories we made while making these images too!


syl and family, thank you for always adding such bright and vibrant color to my life! i am grateful for it, and you! thank you so much for everything!!


may you always be the color in each others’ lives!! xoxo kj

april 29th: the royal wedding

i have always been fascinated with the royals. when i was young my parents bought me every piece of literature they could find on charles and diana’s wedding. i poured over it. soaked it up. everything i played, pretended, was royal. when princess diana died i was rattled, almost like she was a close friend in my contacts list. you can only image my current obsession. all things kate and will mesmerizes.a magazine filled with their images compels me to stop. everything. and consider what it’s like.

emma and dave’s original wedding date was slated for april 29th. i jumped inside thinking, i will be able to shoot a royal wedding on the royal wedding!!! then their date changed to the 30th of april which was absolutely perfect, because kate and will asked me to be the 1000th shooter at their wedding. so i am going to head to england, shoot the royals, then fly back that evening, and shoot emma and dave’s incredible wedding the day after!!

then i turn the page, and realize i am dreaming. kind of.

emma and dave’s wedding is really going to happen. and i really get to be a part of it. and they are like royalty to me! i can’t wait to see how all of their details unfold!













emma is just as magnetizing as any royal! she has utterly splendid taste and style. she has always been a fashion plate and a true american beauty.








dave is a prince and he holds the heart of this princess. they are so good together. their life is going to be regal, majestic, stately and magnificent! i wouldn’t miss their wedding day for anything, even if an invitation came directly from the queen. i would have to rsvp regretfully seeing as i just wouldn’t be able to fly across the pond in time to make it in time to emma and dave’s fete! ;)





emma and dave! i can’t wait for your wedding day! it’s going to be filled with so much resplendent charm. i can’t wait!!

the 29th, i’ll be watching tv, all the footage of the british royal wedding. and the 30th i’ll be capturing and witnessing an american royal wedding!! it’s going to be so good!! love to you both!


IMG_5233blog ps isn’t emma, like kate, the perfect name for a princess? i think so. :)

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