the stars: the academy awards 2011

i never. ever. miss the academy awards. never. they are like my superbowl. i wait all year for them. i get so excited over everything that makes them what they are. when i was studying theater i even dreamed of winning one. this year, my ultra-talented friend, julie rollins, has had the opportunity of a lifetime, and i am so glad and happy and humbled to have been able to help her.

i’ll be back with a full report of the celebrities that rolled by julie’s phenomenal booth soon. (probably after i allow all of the energy of this past week, these past two days, and of course the big event on sunday to sink in. :))

until then a few stars, that i just shot in vegas, of a star to this blog:





resplendent transcendence

to be in love, to be wholeheartedly passionate about something, completely passionate about someone is transcendent.


when your love is tangible to others, it’s a gift, something truly remarkable.



when your love welcomes others into its arms because it’s so warm and kind and good; it’s resplendent.



more of emma and david’s resplendent transcendence soon. beside myself with excited to be a part of their wedding!


bed head: a modern fraggle

does anyone remember the show fraggle rock? it’s old. i used to watch it as a kid: a bunch of muppet type puppets with really crazy hair? remember? tell me you do so i don’t feel so dated. ;) jaren and i call larkee “the fraggle” because her morning hair is so reminiscent of those characters.

the other morning i crept into her bedroom hoping to wake her with the clicking shutter and immortalized her best “fraggle”.

mission accomplished:

IMG_8462larkeeamblogi hate to wake a sleeping baby. it’s the worst, but i have to get her up to take her brother to school each day. this one is a cranky fraggle when she first see’s daylight from under her rock:




IMG_8468larkeeamblognote the purse. it goes everywhere she does. even to bed. and the hair. the fraggle.


but as the new day enters her lungs she starts to fill with that spirited spirit we love:





IMG_8470larkeeamblogi love this girl, and all her crazy, so much.

IMG_8486larkeeamblogIMG_8488larkeeamblogand after fully awakening, the only proper thing to do, is to clean out the nostrils to fully be able to breath in the day:





IMG_8498larkeeamblogwe love you little fraggle, so much!! every day with you is filled with so much energy, all your electricity runs through you, even to the tips of your hair!! love you!! xoxo mommy moms!



gunnar’s homework, his weekly packet, resembles that of my husband’s work for his mba program. they are both currently working on getting their mba’s apperently. only gunnar’s is a kindergarden mba and jaren’s is a grown-up’s. needless to say, gunnar does as much homework, maybe sometimes even a little bit more, than his dad. ;)


i used to have idyllic homework dreams associated with my children: gun would come home from school, bounding in joyfully, sharing with me ever so animatedly his favorite parts of the days: circle time, reading time, writing time, reading time, playing time, more learning time, followed by more learning time, concluded with learning time. he would smile blissfully as he said that the learning and reading time were his favorites, all the while unloading his backpack and immediately starting to work on his beloved homework.

“mother, please tell that there is a lot of homework to do today; i love it so. please give me extra if my teacher was negligent to assign us a mass amount of extra-curricular assignments to strengthen my mind and brain capacity. please stretch me in ways that challenge my brain and make me smarter. oh please mother, can we do homework all afternoon, long?”

the reality of gun’s kindergarden mba homework and his attitude behind it is quite different than i had always dreamed. there is usually weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth, to put it lightly, but somehow we manages to wade through that packet and somehow i hold tightly to the dream that one day he will love homework as much as i loved giving it!! :)


we try and set up a good workspace: no tv, music, or little sister bothering us. we get out some snacks and all of  our favorite pens, pencils, and erasers (i love that part); then we settle down to focus on the task at hand: the three pages of homework we do a day, so the whole packet will be complete by it’s due date, friday of each week.




we get off track a lot of the time. our conversation strays from letters and writing to diapers and chickens crossing roads then to legos and elephants eating socks. somehow amidst all that “mentally engaging” conversation we manage to get it all done. somehow.



i have an affinity for all teachers, probably because i am one, but i especially love kindergarden teachers. they have the patience of poseidon’s waters. i also love them because they taught us how to read, because they teach our children how to read. think of that just for one second; what a powerful gift it is to be able to read.

one day while working on homework gunnar read two lines of text. all. by. himself. of course, being the emotional type, i got teary, because my first born was reading. he looked up, and said, “did i do it wrong mom? why are you crying? don’t cry, i’ll do it again and do better.”

“i’m crying son, because i am so proud. do you know how smart you are? how lucky you are to be able to learn to read?”

he got excited. and we had one of those moments i hoped i would always have with my children while doing homework:




it’s not always easy. most times it requires a lot of thought:


but many things that matter do require time and thought. right now we do things over and over again to learn how to do them right and how to do them right the first time around.



i don’t always enjoy the whining that accompanies homework, but i do enjoy the time i get to sit with my boy and watch him learn and grow, stretch and accomplish.

i am proud. so proud of the kindergarden mba he is earning.


gunnar, i love you son. so much. one day, you’ll see, homework really is one of the greatest things to ever grace your life. until you come to this enlightenment, however, we’ll sit down each day and work on it together. ;) love you, babe. i am so proud of you! keep at it!!! xoxo mom



i’ll love you forever

“i’ll love you forever;

i’ll like you for always.


as long as you’re living

my baby you’ll be.”


may you hold on to your babies, however small or big they may be, a little bit tighter and longer today!!

just a few for now of this new love; more soon! happy weekend!! kj

just a hint

i love brides. and grooms. i love flowers. and cake. first looks. beautiful bridesmaids. quirky groomsmen. i do. first kiss; first dance. i love everything about weddings. and i love being a part of the celebration!!

just a hint at what is covering my desktop, cramming my photoshop, and filling all the space in between in my mind.

IMG_7049mybridesblog ohh, i love brides.

excited to share more. gotta be patient though. these are being held for something special!!

if you are a bride, i would love to meet you and be a part of your incredible day. if you know of a bride, i would love to meet her too! ;)

hope today is beautiful, just like a wedding day!! cheers, kamee

destination weddings: i have a current passport

i love to shoot weddings. so much. every part of it, gives me chills, like i am family or a really distant yet incredible close relative six times twice removed. that still gets very emotional at all things, family. or something like that, but family, nonetheless. i never forget i am working, even though when the music and dancing starts i have to remind myself, but i always reveal in the beauty, love, and familial celebration of a wedding day. i especially love it when those weddings take me out of my town and even out of the state. the second i touch ground somewhere new i am immediately inspired by what i see and feel. the creative neurons inside my head start firing so fast i can’t contain all they are mentally formulating. it takes my camera coming out, the shutter engaging and creation happening before my heart and head stop doing cardio, a cardio based on creation motivated by inspiration. last year i traveled to new york, illinois, arizona, utah, and all over the state of california to be a part of wedding celebrations.  i just got an inquiry to shoot a wedding in san fransisco, and i also have a potential boston wedding as well. last year i was even a prospect for a wedding in austria. my passport is current! i would love to travel to you, wherever you are. for your day. for your memories.

my most recent destination wedding wasn’t too, too far from home, but a destination none-the-less. sarah and matt were married in palm springs at an incredible home with some great modern flare. here’s just a taste. i’ll be back with a few more highlights soon. it was a beautiful day!!


even if today only destines you to the super market, may it be a great trip!!

a project in self

i am working on a project for another blog that will launch in a few months. one of the sections calls for a self portrait. it’s tricky photographing yourself: too critical, hard to get the right angle, can’t find a focus; it can be limiting. but in those limits you find something that shows you a hint of who you really are a reminder of your true self and it makes you feel happy.

try it today. take a self portrait. look beyond everything you don’t care for, everything you obsess over, all the little things that make your heart so anxious, try and see yourself the way the people who love you see you. may you be inspired by, yourself, today! because you are something good and nice and wonderful!!!

if you do this challenge leave a comment in the section below so we can celebrate your beautiful self as well!!

may you be reminded of the beauty within.

happy monday, friends!!





ps shout out to my good friend katrina, for my hair and makeup, and those incredible lashes.; thank you for helping my spirit feel beautiful too!!

pps pass this link on today! let’s see how many woman, and men, for that matter we can get to view themselves differently. how many people we can help take a few minutes for themselves, to feel something different because they were reminded of their own unique contribution to this world!!! even if it’s a cell phone or point and shoot camera self portrait. let’s see how many we can get posted today!!!

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