october’s sidekicks: composition and kids

i have some serious “cool” up my sleeve for october’s side kicks. i am going thematic, that’s for sure!! ;) the first month of kicks was so much fun; october will prove to be the same.

save the dates for wednesday, october 13th (too bad it’s not a friday; that would be so perfect for the theme! ;) DROPPING HINTS HERE! big time! i get goosebumps just thinking about it. YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS IT!! ;)) and wednesday, october 27th for this month’s kicks!

i can hardly contain myself with what’s in store.

katrina is on board with some serious style and costuming genius this month. and renee of renee hindman photography is going to be making an appearance and a significant contribution too at the 27th kick.

side kick topic: composition

when: october 13th, 2010 300-630pm. we will meet for the instruction section and then we will be shooting by around 430ish-until the sun sets or we get too scared and have to leave!!!

we’ll discuss what makes an image visually interesting and how to achieve those concepts through effective use of foreground elements, different angles, patterns, colors, symmetry,  lines, depth of field, perspective, negative space, etc. i’ll give you some tips and tricks on how to create distinctive and visually aesthetic images. i will also share how to make a seemingly boring or cliche location work in terms of composition choices.

composition is one of my favorite parts of photography, for sure. i love stretching, bending, and taking my images to a new and interesting place.




where: back flipping over the location…just wait. it’s in corona, ca and i’m pretty sure it’s haunted.

we will be pushing the limits of composition for sure…

how much: $195.00 (your side kick pass includes: instruction time, a fully stylized shoot to help you build your portfolio, and a few goodies to take home. we will be eating together afterwards, but dinner is not included in your tuition.)

registration is limited. jump on this one. the experience will be worth it!!!





shaking my head at how cool it’s going to be!! hope you can make it, unless you’re too scared…:)

join us.

oct 3 side kick: compostion



october’s second side kick will be a how to: how to shoot kids. (that never sounds right, but it always makes me giggle. i love that pun!!) this side kick is geared towards the photographer who wants a new perspective on shooting clients’ children and more specifically for the parent who wants to take better pictures of his/her own children. you don’t need a fancy schmancy camera to attend. it’s all about working with your current equipment and training your eye to get capture better moments and details of your own children.

treat yourselves to better memory making for you and your kids.





side kick how to: how to shoot kids

where: corona, ca rad fields, props, a cool barn, beautiful light…it’s going to be genius

when: POSTPONED!!!! this will be happening in november now!! i’ll let you know the date soon!!(we’ll meet the first hour for instruction and then head to our location to shoot for the last hour and a half or until the light goes or the kids decide it’s over. ;))




how much: $195.00 (your side kick pass includes: instruction time, a fully stylized shoot to help you build your portfolio, and a few goodies to take home. we will be eating together afterwards, but dinner is not included in your tuition.)



this is your opportunity to learn to shoot better portraits of your own children; you know, the pictures that remind you of how they used to be, the ones that take you back to a place in your memory…





join us; the power of the picture for a photographer and an parent is deeply significant!!!

go for it! it’s going to be GREAT!!

this month is going to be filled with so much visually, artistically, and i hope, inspirationally. i hope you will be able to join us!! until then, kj

if the baby ends up missing: last week’s side kick

you all know and love baby ruby! her 9 month pictures had us all in a state of major baby hunger!! just consider her looker parents and adorable older sis and guess what you have? the envy of family portraits! ;)


when i started thinking of a family for the side kick: how to shoot a family, i didn’t have to think long. this family came to mind quickly and i knew they would be perfect and perfect they were!!


thank you shout outs to everyone who attended. i know you all traveled distances to make it and also left families on a friday night; i am so grateful you came!! thank you for being a part of the side kick. i am still smiling thinking about it! ;) it was GREAT meeting you all!! i can’t wait to see the images you created!!

also, a big thank you goes to katrina for doing all the styling!! i loved the little stars she made and hung in the tree at our last spot.

thank you to tom’s farms for allowing us to shoot on their property.

thank you to amanda; i appreciate you!!

and rounds and rounds of applause for shane, amy, reese, and ruby our models and such an incredible family. i am so grateful to know them! thanks for sharing your family and home with us for a few hours. if baby ruby comes up missing start looking at katrina’s then work your way down the side kick roster until you find her. ;) she’s with one of us for sure. i think we were all smitten, with her, with all of you! thank you again!!

just a few with a favorite family…

p.s. registration for october’s side kicks (composition and how to shoot kids) rolls on wednesday! it’s going to be good. :) and the workshop is on saturday, if you want in, let me know! ;)















thank you again to everyone who made the side kick possible; it was a great evening!! may we see the families we photograph the way we see our own!! thanks again, kj


final call: oct 2nd california kamee june workshop

there are only 4 seats left. that’s it.

and they need to be filled because there won’t be another kj workshop for a while. so if you keep thinking, “i will pick up the next one…” i don’t know when there will be a next full-blown kj workshop. so jump on this one!!!

i am going to drop some knowledge on how i shoot, why i shoot, specifics on lighting, composition, exposure, shooting manually, photoshop and business end information as well. i will share everything i’ve got; you ask the question, i will give you the answer! ;)

click here for a full list of workshop details and information that will be covered!

for now enter the carrot, dangling, in front of your head.

think money.

“daisy had a voice filled with money.”


think parties.

“I believe that on the first night I went to Gatsby’s house I was one of the few guests who had actually been invited. People were not invited – they went there.”

think roaring twenties. think gatsby!!!!

“He smiled understandingly-much more than understandingly. It was one of those rare smiles with a quality of eternal reassurance in it, that you may come across four or five times in life. It faced–or seemed to face–the whole external world for an instant, and then concentrated on you with an irresistible prejudice in your favor. It understood you just as far as you wanted to be understood, believed in you as you would like to believe in yourself, and assured you that it had precisely the impression of you that, at your best, you hoped to convey.”

complements of katrina, the workshop’s style boards. this in itself is reason to be here on the 2nd.



we are going to have two shoots. a perfectly daisy and gatsby couple, and then a 20′s girlfriends shoot.


ps everything you capture at the workshop you will be able to use in your portfolio.

go on, bite the carrot, fill the last seats; you’ll be so glad you did!!

invest in your business and the talent you love!

ticket to kick it: oct 2nd, ca workshop

it’s going to be an incredible! can’t wait to meet you!! kj

a letter for baby ruby

baby ruby is 9 months old.


so interesting to consider i knew her before she really was.

IMG_4449rubsblog and now look at her. edible. (stop, joy! no licking the screen!! ;))


i have created a friendship with ruby’s mom that is really special to me.


i am smiling thinking about her and i am grateful she is a part of my life, because she is one of those friends who understands before you even say it. i don’t see her as often as i would like because we are both spinning in work and family circles, but when we do connect i leave feeling refreshed.

amy will remember what life was like with baby ruby at 9 months and she will tell her, but ruby will need to know what an incredible mother she has; i hope this letter will help her remember.


dear ruby,

i believe that certain people come into our lives at certain times for certain purposes, because we need them for certain things. people ebb and flow like the tide, coming and going. some leave small traces of impact and then wash out quickly while others stay constant, true, and loyal just like the heart beat of the earth. your mom is constant. she is true. and she is fiercely loyal, to her people. especially you, your sister, and your dad. your mom will always be there, and she will always be a safe place for you. she will tell you how it is ;), but she will always protect you, defend you, and unconditionally love every part of who you are. your birth completed so much of her heart; remind her to tell you your story!





your mom will understand you. you won’t have to say much and she will just “get it”. you will be shown so much compassion and understanding. talk to her about what happens in your life; she will be your truest friend and confidant. she will also make you laugh, but you already know that. you have grown up with a house of laughter. may you be as jovial as your mom, as witty as her too. she catches a punchline like no other and can tag on to it like she belongs at stand-up night! appreciate her humor, it will relieve some of your saddest moments. it is for sure a gun in her holster to shoot away the blues.

she hears and really listens. she listened patiently to your cries for the first few months of your life and has listened since to your first words, first stories, and first dramas. listen back when she tells you something, because she is wise. she will give you suggestions and counsel that are valid. she knows what she is talking about, because in some indescribable way she has lived similar experiences of your life: crushes, first loves, heart breaks, fear of the unknown, rejection, and most importantly, joy.





she is generous. i have been touched on occasion by what she has done for me in word and deed. your mom will do little things for you always; be grateful. that’s her showing you that you matter to her and that you are a significant part of the family!

you look like your daddy, but your spirit is from your mommy! you smile and are content, happy to be present with people you love!

your mom came in with the tide of my life a few years ago, and i am so happy she did. i am grateful for her friendship and influence in my life.

you are lucky to have her; she is lucky to have you, sweet girl.

may you always feel the love she has for you now and always. may all of us who have been able to watch you grow, on some level, be reminded of the gift you are and the incredible family you come from.

may your heart always be as happy as it was when you were 9 months old.

love to you and your mom, kamee june











amy, thank you. i am grateful for you. kamee

enlighten: a sneak peek

just a few from friday’s side kick on light.


thank you’s also go to:

our “will do anything, get you anything” totally phenomenal stylist: katrina

our “so beautiful and in love- they are an envy” models: vince and ashley

the inland empire film commission for allowing us to shoot on state property  http://www.filminlandempire.com/home.htm

the hidden valley wildlife area associated with riverside county parks http://www.riversidecountyparks.org/locations/nature-historic-centers/hidden-valley/

my “always so helpful and happy” assistant amanda for being on call

and to everyone who came, i am so glad you did. i loved meeting you and spending and evening enjoying the heartbeat of photography together!!!thank you again to everyone for coming out. i know so many of you had to travel distances; i am grateful you came!! here’s to our paths crossing again!

we had some very pretty people mingled with pretty light:





a motorcycle:



and a horse, of course. ;)




more soon!!

thanks again to everyone who was there; it was fun watching a sunset together!

next week’s side kick is a how to: how to shoot a family. a couple of spots have opened up. if you are interested let me know via email! (renee and kristy? you two in? agnes? :))

i loved last friday so much; can’t wait for this coming! and october’s sidekicks??? just wait…

the doctor and disney

one of them is an er doctor, the other works at disneyland.

my friends won’t be surprised at all when they find out i asked the dr. for samples: things to look at under my microscope.


they also won’t be surprised when i told the disney employee that i don’t believe disney is the happiest place on earth; too much crying happens for it to get “happiest”. :)


these two, however, are a sample of happy. enjoy sherrie and davin’s sneak peek!! more soon!


happy weekend everyone!! kj

on the inside and out

my niece came to visit for a bit this summer. i love her so much. she is so mature and wise for her age; it’s pretty incredible. also a tribute to her parents, teachers, grandparents, neighbors, etc: the entire village who has helped to raise her. it’s also who she is as a person. jaren and i have tried to convince her parents to let her move in with us and go to school out here, but each time we visit the subject the answer is always the same, “what would be do without her?” it was so fun having her stay for a bit. i miss our visits and her presence in our home. she is and always has been very dear to me!

i had an idea for a shoot that i wanted to do and thought that brianna would be perfect! i ran it by my stylist extraordinaire and incredibly supportive of my dreams friend katrina who jumped at the thought. i wanted to create an alter ego for my niece. something totally different than who she is. i loved all the comments that were left when i posted the sneak peek; thank you to all of you! i especially like what my friend barbra said, “whichever alter ego she has…you can tell she is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out”. i love that she didn’t judge the ego that was a bit darker. what if that is truly my niece? i appreciated how open her comment was and how telling it was about barbra’s character: she loves, no matter what. interesting to think how appearances can cause judgements, don’t you think? interesting how they can be wrong once you get to know the person. brianna and all of my family know what she looks like, and we love her for who she is. those of you who don’t it might be a little harder to distinguish the ego from the alter. but like barbra said, does it matter what persona she projects? does it matter what persona anyone projects? really? just something i have been considering lately especially while working on these images…

i love you brianna. so much. i love who you are and what you project and the energy you have! i am so grateful for your spunk and spirit in my life and am grateful for the love you show me and my family!! you are beautiful, like barbara said, inside and out, because my sweetest girl, beauty starts from within.


no matter what you wear on the out.



















this is what matters sass: be comfortable in your own skin. be happy with yourself!! i love you. alter ego or truth, whatever you choose to be, i love you!!


weight watchers

my friends and i used to joke about how we had an “eating license” when we were pregnant. that’s at least what i would tell myself…

it was a tricky time for me, being pregnant. i had to eat to make myself not feel sick and the only thing that made me feel better was carbs and then i started to feel like i was adding insult to injury and work to the post process. my doctor told me that it wasn’t time to worry about me but time to worry about the baby; that was comforting, on a certain level. i loosened up a lot with my second, and realized that it was only temporary and that it was ok if i was watching my weight go up steadily at each appointment as long as it was for the “good” of my unborn.

ironically enough as a mother’s weight reduces after baby is born, the weight of baby is watched carefully. mommy wants to lose it and the parents want the baby to gain it. ;) weight isn’t the only thing that increases rapidly in a new born child. it’s incredible to me the growth that takes place both internally and externally in the first year of life.

my friends shannon and brian are “weighting” (i love a good pun :)) to watch their last baby be born and grow and fall right into place in their family.


i am excited to meet him too. he is going to be handsome; just like the rest!! ;)

shannon and bri have a lot going on right now: a move to a new house (down the street; thank goodness!!), schedules to keep up (kindergarden and preschool should be considered part-time jobs), parties to plan (shannon has a small business; if you need help planning a party she is your girl. she has kept the pace lately planning showers and birthdays;i thought i was crazy busy! ;)), and packing boxes and signing papers to move into a new house were they will make a safe place to watch their three boys grow!

i know she is so busy. i also know she thinks about this new baby just like she did the others. i also know she already loves him with all her heart.




and right now she has an eating license!! so eat up shan! ;) you have a few more weeks to not worry about watching the weight!! it will go away. i know you. i know how determined you are. i also know the competitive spirit you have that pushes yourself to get what makes you feel accomplished! for now, eat some more ice cream! ;)


i am so grateful for my friend shannon. she has done so much for me. i appreciate her openness and honesty and am grateful that she listens and understands. her children are lucky to have her the ones already here and the one waiting to come:



their family will be complete with the birth of this last little. and i would bet dollars to doughnuts that baby brother looks like brian; they all seem to follow his genes. sorry shan. ;) you know i understand! ;)





shannon, brian, and boys, we are so excited to “watch” the family grow! we are here for you; you know that! looking forward to all the memories we will make! love you guys! kam


shout outs to katrina for doing shannon’s hair and make up. and my friend julie for being a part of this shoot. like always, it was a pleasure working with both of you; i LOVED it!!

a really sweet wedding day

warning: you will fall in love with this couple.


told you so.


when sandie contacted me to photograph her wedding i was thrilled. i had met her on several occasion previous to their wedding and i knew that being with her was a total treat. she is smiles, laughs, and happiness personified! their wedding was nothing short of the traits she owns. i loved being surrounded by her family and friends as equally giving and loving as she is. at the end of the wedding i made the customary phone call home to my man, “jaren, today i felt like one of the family, so appreciated and welcomed. it was special and unique, and i was grateful.”

sandie and john are such good people. their life together is going to be blessed!!


i am fascinated by how life’s paths twist and turn and intersect and finally cross at the right time in just the right place.

i also love how families are combined and immediate connections are made when things are “right”. sandie’s son, brandon, is lucky to have john in his life. he is going to fall into the roll of father easily. i got a little emotional seeing them interact on wedding day; it was very special, and interesting to see how a fresh bond seemed so developed and mature.



loved this moment.


and how the shoes were shed quickly. fashion is pain brandon! ;)


the bonds and relationships within this family were so evident. this got me emotional. gets me every time actually. nobody loves you as much as your own mother.


something i loved about the day and about sandie too is that she wasn’t afraid to cry if the emotion swept over her. she was surrounded by such a tremendous love, i found myself getting emotional too. ;) laughter through tears is one of my favorite emotions!! so is the genuine happiness that is found on a wedding day. it is so evident and pure. i love being around it and being reminded of love in its beginnings.

love this one:









the flowers: quickly becoming one of my favorite things about a wedding.


sandie and john built plenty of time into their day for portraits. i was grateful and happy to spend as much time with them as possible! their energy is contagious and their love real.



these two drip personality:



and are so in love:


such an incredible bride:


their day rolled into evening and the morning celebration transferred to night:








sandie’s flowers and cake were designed by leslie of fresh and fancy flowers.


it was a day filled with true elation to have found something so beautiful!


sandie and john, thank you so much for sharing your day with me! i am still smiling at the memory of it. thank you for the sour patch kids especially, that was the best wedding-day meal i have ever been offered! ;) may you be as happy today as you were on your wedding day! thinking of you and sending you as much love as you showed me! thank you for welcoming me into the family!!! can’t wait to hear about your future adventures together!! much love to everyone and congratulations, kj


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