love letters: whit and drew

“where you are is where i belong.

where you go is where i want to be.” –dave matthews


sometimes a tale of love is better told from its hero or heroine…

“My Dearest Andrew,

My lungs require an extra deep breath, as I sit here to write you this little token of love. A gigantic, nostalgic sigh as I sail away to the beginning of Us– all those nights I’d stay up, restless in bed, under a mess of white sheets, with the sound of Ryan Adams serenading my racing heart, that old brown journal in hand, searching for words to give to you, words that could do justice for the feelings that were just starting to take my heart captive.

I loved writing to you, and imagining you reading my thoughts out loud, thousands of miles away, underneath a little yellow light at your desk, I imagined your hands, what they looked like, as they tore open the envelope, unpacking what I had sealed for you.

Our exchanging of words, of heart, in letters, in poetry, and now in real life have become my favorite memories, ever. The sharing, Andrew. What we’ve intentionally shared, it moves me like the moon moves the waves. They’ve washed me up on your shore, once lost at sea, now comfortably anchored with you, where I intend to bask for all of time.

Even before we met each other in person, I remember sending you a post card from a little ma and pop shop in New York. I remember signing my name– Love, Whitney. I wondered what you’d think when you’d see my handwriting, and what you’d feel when you saw the word Love, followed by my name. Would you smile? Would your heart skip like mine?

I remember your voice so well, because it was all I had for all those months. Smiling, I sat perched at my window sill, looking out to the street, the rain falling, and the lights gleaming, listening to your dreams of meeting me, someday soon. If we could only meet…

We would whisper in the dark, until 3 am, talking about anything that came to mind. You sat in your old El Camino, and told me about the bench seat you installed, and you told me one day you’d like to have me sit real close to you in that middle seat, and take me out to dinner, and hold my hand. To just hold your hand, what I’d do.

I remember giggling in excitement as I’d anxiously tear open the mail sitting on my bed. I’d read those letters a hundred times, and wonder what would happen if we took this chemistry to the next level… if we perhaps… met.

And at last, we did. Five long months later, it was time. I picked you up from the airport, after reapplying my lip gloss 37 times, and my heart felt like it was going to burst at its seams.

I saw you standing there on the curb, at LAX, and as my car slowed down, time began to stand still.

It slowly sank into my skin, what was happening, as the door slowly creaked open, and as life continued to play, in slow motion, I saw you, my future, merging with me… your future.

Andrew, that first time we looked at each other, that… that was magic. Do you remember it like I do? The beginning. Our story. It’s my favorite one.

Now, a few chapters in, I sit here, completely overwhelmed by what has been written for us.

And to think, our beginning… was just the beginning.

My love, cheers to the future, and our story being told, and retold, to each other, in memories, to one another, and one day to our children to come.

I love you.
















love. love. love.



IMG_8293whitanddrewblogdrewwhitblog IMG_8152forwhitblog





“To My Darling, Whitney,

It is evident you have beauty and charm in spades—an overabundance in fact, if that is possible. No one can deny that. Anyone with even the slightest amount of sense and eyes in their head can tell you’re magnificently made. And I know this far better than anyone else, having been given the opportunity to study you so intently all these months. But there is far more to you than cute dresses, or even your stunning, natural aesthetics…

Whitney, it has been the greatest honor for the last year and some months, having the ability to get close to you and look below the surface of your person. All men and women may admire you for those things I spoke of a moment ago—your charm, your beauty, or the many ways your love bubbles to the surface—but it is for me alone to know you in the most intimate ways. That privilege is the greatest gift I have ever been given; you will always be my clearest evidence of divine providence.

Your smile swallows my heart; it’s perfect punctuation for the only joy I’ve known to truly be contagious. You effortlessly season all your words with grace, but that’s because you bring them forth from the overflowing storehouses of love I’ve seen inside your heart. You’re incredibly delicate, softening my heart with a gentle touch and tender voice. At the same time you’re a refuge of strength where I seek restoration and renewal for my soul.

You’re my famous love, my one and only home.

You’re my sun on every hoped-for horizon, the fruit of blessing that I survive on. You’re all the places I wish to travel to, and the renewal of every dream I had resigned before I met you.

You know I have a lot to learn about life and living, but in my twenty-three years I’ve learned one important truth: True love is eternal because it proceeds from God. Dearest Whitney, I look forward (with the greatest faith, hope, and love) to sharing in eternity with you.


(And if all this has been too wordy and I’ve somewhere missed the mark then let me simply say: I want to get a house with you, and have kids with you, and love you no matter what our future holds.)”

another love.







couldn’t choose a favorite. any way you flip it she is a muse:







a love letter written by franz kafka:

“i belong to you; there is really no other way of expressing it, and that is not strong enough.

how could i, fool that i am, go on sitting in my office, or here at home, instead of leaping onto a train with my eyes shut and opening them only when i am with you.”


and we’ll let james joyce take us out:

“You are my only love.

You have me completely in your power.

I know and feel that if I am to write anything fine and noble in the future I shall do so only by listening at the doors of your heart.

I would like to go through life side by side with you, telling you more and more until we grew to be one being together until the hour should come for us to die.”

whit and drew, so happy for you. may your hearts always be filled with each other. much love, kam


side kicks with kamee june: the first two in a series

i like mini-serieses on tv. i like most books that run in a series. i love  a series of unexpected surprises.

keep reading. i have one for you!

it’s almost time for my first set, in a series, of side kicks with kamee june (thanks for the name idea, rhonda!! shout out to, YOU!) my plan is basically this: i will be offering two side kicks a month a technical side of photography and also a how-to side. one week technical. one week how-to. they will be intensive: instruction, demonstration, and a fully-stylized shoot; 2-3 hours total. (FYI: EVERYTHING YOU SHOOT AT THE SIDE KICKS YOU WILL BE ABLE TO USE IN YOUR PORTFOLIO BUILDING!! side kicks are smaller than a workshop, more intimate, so everyone will be able to have pole position when it comes to shooting.) and of course a q/a on the topic of the side kick. and probably dinner afterwards if anyone wants to eat something. ;)

the first side kick will be on sept 17th, in corona, california (location details to follow). its topic? the basis of all photography? light.

we will discuss open shade, back light, side light, front light, over-head light, and night-light and how to adjust  your settings, and yourself, to get a great exposure shooting in all types of light. we will also discuss which light is best for certain subjects and how to make light work for you!




1st in a series of technical side kicks with kamee june: light

when: friday, september 17th, 400pm-730pm (this one will be longer so we can observe and shoot in different types of light. also, if anyone is interested we will break for dinner let it get really dark, and then shoot around in night light, just for fun.)

where: corona, california location tba

how much: $195.00 (your side kicks pass includes: instruction time, a fully-stylized shoot designed to help you build your portfolio, and a few goodies to take home. dinner is not included in your tuition.)

registration for these will be limited, like i said, my goal is to keep them intimate. if you are interested, jump on it.

it’s going to be…en-lightening. pun. totally intended!


the first in my series of how-to’s will be how to shoot families. we are gearing up for the holidays which means christmas card season; family photographs are upon us. :) this side kick with discuss what i do to help my families be comfortable, how i get them positioned, and what works to create natural images of a family enjoying time together.


first in the how-to series of side-kicks with kamee june: how to shoot a family

when: friday, september 24th 500pm-730pm (i’ll for sure eat after if anyone wants to join me.)

where: corona, california location tba

how much: $195.00 (your side kicks pass includes: instruction time, a fully-stylized shoot designed to help you build your portfolio, and a few goodies to take home. dinner is not included in your tuition.

once again, registration is limited.

trying to think of a good family pun. i am at a loss. anyone? bueller? bueller?




and now the unexpected surprise! the first person to register for both premier side kicks will get a complimentary pass to come to my next workshop in california on oct 2nd. ;) surprise!!! now go! get your register on!!!!

i am looking forward to these side kicks, the opportunity to build a greater photography community, and the chance to meet all of you!! would love to kick it!! hope to see you on september 17th and 24th and the 2nd of oct at the big workshop (details and registration for that to follow.)

apple pie

i love a slice of warm apple pie. there is something about it that is so comforting, nostalgic, and good. i don’t eat pie regularly, but when the holidays hit i have to say that i do look forward to a piece of pie. apple pie. not pumpkin. apple. i just like it the best. my friend kellie is a piece of apple pie; she is deliciously warm and perfectly sweet with just a little hit of spice.


i was thrilled to meet more of her “filling” during their vacation to california this summer. honored, rather, to have been able to photographer her family pictures this year. it’s a bit intimidating to photograph another photographer’s family, but they immediately welcomed me and i forgot all the intimidations. ;) i enjoying being with them so much; just like kellie they are all so warm and welcoming and deliciously in love with each other;  they made it so easy to “bite into their sweetness”.



they have some cinnamon in them too. i love cinnamon, such a good flavor. ;)


it’s kind of like the attitude of apple pie.



i have always, since i met her, felt a closeness to kellie; she is such good people. seeing her with her husband was something really special. shannon is a true gentleman, a rare breed. he too, is apple pie.


and the apples of their eye: dalton and emma. i hope my children grow up to be as sweet and “perfectly baked” as them.





this family is down home goodness. they are from kentucky. doesn’t that just speak apple pie too? i could listen to them talk all day; their accent drips like tasty filling; it’s so yummy. I LOVE IT!!!!





kellie, shannon, dalton, and emma, i can’t wait for more pie!! when? kellie, let’s “make” something happen soon. i miss you, friend! thank you again for sharing some time with me. i feel so connected with we are together. grateful for you and our “warm and comforting” friendship.


weight watchers: a maternity sneak peek

last week i spent a day with my good friend and colleague julie rollins. we had, essentially, four shoots packed in to one day. there was so much on the agenda, and all of it was accomplished. especially the scheduled hanging, and laughing, and enjoying one another’s company.

we presented our ideas and shannon and brian totally jumped on board; it was incredible!!


we shot maternity most of the day. but somewhere in the middle we hit the extreme opposite and did some way-glammed-out head shots for a local salon and a possible publication in a cosmetology magazine:


and then we went back to finish the day in the pretty light with our original subject, my good friend shannon, who is expecting her 3rd boy!! ;) more from our shoot and our fun soon. thank you shannon and brian for being our models, and my friends!!



thanks julie, for the day and for everything!!! xxoo to you all, kj

22 minutes: an engagement session

i can do a lot of things with 22 minutes: take a cat nap, homework with gun, make a quick phone call, schedule a hair appointment, catch up on the day’s texts, pay my bills online, load the dishwasher, roll through the drive-thru for a coke, answer a few emails, play transformers, make beds, play my little pony, close my eyes and try to go to a quiet and restful place, call my man and check in on him, decide on what to have for dinner, flip through us weekly or read a quick chapter in my book, check facebook, and i can also shoot an engagement session in 22 minutes!!!

i finally got my chance to get my lens on bryce and lora. i had been waiting for this meeting for a long time and was thrilled to finally connect meet them, see them together, and spend time hearing about their story. i knew we were on a schedule, but when bryce dropped the 22 minute bomb, i realized it was a tight one.

each time i shoot an engagement session or a wedding for that matter it has a really interesting effect on me: i fall more in love with my husband. he is never present when i shoot (someone has to be home with the littles) but the chemistry and newness of fresh love is so contagious it makes me fall in love even more with him because i remember, almost inexplicably, us.

that’s something else i can do in 22 minutes: be reminded that love is constant, true, enduring, and present -and that you can be reminded of those feelings you have for others, through others.

i was grateful for our 22 minutes.


i like bryce and lora so much. they are both so interesting in personality; they are the perfect combination.






love this one; for sure my fav from the 22 minutes:


this one a close second:


their wedding is going to be out of this world incredible! they are working with heather of amorology weddings. beside myself to be working with her as well. just thinking about them, their day, and all the details, shoots me straight to the moon. it will be off- the- hook- cool!! can’t wait!!

i also can’t wait to shoot more of this beauty:



this chemistry:




and this emotion:


bryce and lora, thank you for the 22 minutes. can’t wait to have more time together. may the next few weeks go swiftly. so looking forward to being a part of your day!!

here’s to enjoying all of life’s minutes! cheers, kamee


ps a big thank you hug to ash colman for introducing us; thank you for being such an incredible voice for me; i am so grateful for you!!!

comfortable in your own skin

as parents i know we wish a lot of things for our children: good friends, success in school, to be part of winning soccer teams ;), to find happiness and joy in this life, to have health, to have a strong sense of self, and to be comfortable in their own skin.

the second you birth a child there is a mantel placed on your shoulders to do all you can to make sure they are given all need and, within reason, what they want. there is a great responsibility to ensure they are loved, nurtured, and protected.

but accidents happen.

and invisible bullets fly. and make contact.

this is a story of hope.

several months ago i taught a workshop in arizona. my friend joy found a perfect family to be our models for the shoot. i corresponded with angie, the mom, via email before the workshop date to learn a little bit about them so i could go into the shoot with a concept of who they are. she shared their basics and then told me that she was most concerned with her daughter, kaelie, and how she would react with all of the cameras. kaelie is quiet by nature, shy, and happiest drawing and playing quietly, alone. i had an immediate affinity for you, and since she has been close to my heart. after the workshop she sent me a letter in the mail with a picture she drew; it’s on my corkboard in my office. i smile and think of her fondly, every time i look at it.

IMG_6970what-you-feel i have been thinking of her a great deal, lately.

kaelie was in a terrible accident a few weeks ago. one that left her skin riddled with severe hot water burns.

angie and justin’s responsibilities as her parents have heightened. everything they needed to do before for her is still present, but now they have an even greater challenge of first helping her heal, and second helping her find comfort in her new skin all while reminding her that her nature is divine and her spirit one of a new-born lion.


i love this little girl. very much. and i love what she is fighting for right now: comfort and acceptance of what happened and what will be.


kaelie was released from the burn unit last week, but the journey ahead is still uncharted.

what is charted is that she has a family who adores, supports, and loves her. i am certain her parents have wished her ailments on themselves a hundred times over. i have not doubt they have prayed away her pain, pleading it be transferred to their shoulders. i know they would trade places with her without thinking, because she is a part of them, in the heart of them.


some things are going to have to change, but the fact that they are her strongest support system will remain constent, her true north, from here to the indefinite.

kaelie will heal; i know it. she will also someday be able to show a tremendous amount of empathy to another person who will experience something similar to her. that’s how i make sense of things that happen that are non-sensical. we need to feel understood. one day she will make someone feel understood and accepted because she has walked and lived the path before them.


many of you have heard me share about my friend joy she too is friends with the tarver family and has worked tirelessly to put together a benefit auction in kaelie’s honor and to help support the funds for her recovery.

if you have a product or a service you would like to donate to the silent auction please head on over to facebook to the “we support the tarver family” page and click on the like button. then add your contribution, gift certificate, product, etc. to the discussion tab. if you aren’t on facebook then you can email your donation to joy at 100% of the proceeds will go to the tarver family.

the auction will be open for bids starting august 23rd-27th and the live event will be held in kaelie’s home town of surprise, az on august 27th. 100% of the winning bids will be placed directly into an account through bank of america, established in kaelie’s name. if you would like to just make a monetary donation you can go to any bank of america, tell the teller you want to make a deposit into kaelie tarver’s account, and it will happen.

if you want to bid on an item you will need to either be present at the event or on facebook.

1. under the picture and decription of the item on facebook, put a “photo comment” that includes your  name and your bid.

2. keep checking to make sure you are the highest bidder (donation will go to highest bidder, not the last bidder)

3. once the bidding closes all winners will be notified august 28th and  items will be shipped within one week or vendor contact will be made to set up appointments,etc.

if you have any questions please email joy or


i hope she knows she is loved. i hope her family feels it too. i hope she knows she is going to be ok and that this life will still offer her everything is was going to before. i hope she continues to draw. i hope to see her soon.

i hope her heart is happy.


thank you in advance for any contributions you are able to make to the fund to help this little one heal. i am grateful for your generosity and i know they are too.

kaelie, i am hugging you, right now.

dear tarvers, each day is new. each day will get better. love and support to you all, kamee


the sprinklers: a sneak peek

last saturday i kicked it with an incredible photographer who is already making serious waves in the print world and who will soon do the same in the wedding industry. he and i were treated to an incredible shoot designed by my friend katrina and modeled by my friends vince and ashley. this is just a taste. there will be more soon.

to katrina: it can’t happen without you; no way. you know i am always so grateful!

to vince and ashley: your uncle was right vince, you both should have gone into modeling; thank you so much!

to ralph: thank you for sharing “the meter”, for “lighting it up” and for showing me how you see it too; i KNOW incredible things are in your future!!

just a sprinkling…a pouring soon:








and some really incredible off-camera flash brought to you by ralph; i was so inspired, and will be making a huge purchase soon…:)


more soon. thank you again to everyone involved! it was a great day!!! cheers, kamee

the ragged wood: a sneak peek

just a few of whit and drew, and their official engagement session:







and a poem for them, because i know they like them, and because i am sorry we couldn’t get in to our first shoot spot filled with poems:

the ragged wood by william butler yeats

“O hurry where by water among the trees

The delicate-stepping stag and his lady sigh,

When they have but looked upon their images -

Would none had ever loved but you and I!

Or have you heard that sliding silver-shoed

Pale silver-proud queen-woman of the sky,

When the sun looked out of his golden hood? -

O that none ever loved but you and I!

O hurty to the ragged wood, for there

I will drive all those lovers out and cry -

O my share of the world, O yellow hair!

No one has ever loved but you and I.”

much love to you whit and drew, xoxo kam

guess who…

is getting married?




isn’t she going to make the most resplendent bride?


andrew proposed.



whit accepted.


and it’s going to be official november 27th, 2010.

and that’s ultra good and nice.





their day is going to be so sweet and wonderful.



and very romantic:




guess who’s shooting their wedding?

excited to be a part of it. ;)

their engagement is going to be off the hook; the wedding, unbelievable.



“Love is always bestowed as a gift – freely, willingly, and without expectation – We don’t love to be loved; we love to love.” – Leo F. Buscaglia (1924-1998) American Psychologist, Author, Educator

whit loves to love and she lives to love andrew.


and he lives to love her, and will for the rest of his days.


and their life together will be poetic.



just wait for their engagement session; you won’t believe what’s in store.

we shoot tomorrow and i am beside myself…

my heart is happy for these two. congrats whit and drew; here’s to you!



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