the debate: team edward or jacob

the debate will be eternal. the argument plays repeatedly. objectivity really doesn’t exist. it can’t. really. shall we go there? ;) jaren and i debate all the time about literature and how it is impossible to grade students objectively on something that is so subjective. it’s one reason he hated his english class so much: his interpretation was always different than his teacher’s and she consequently marked him down for it. are we, as humans, capable of being objective, when everything that makes us who we are is so subjective?

here’s the thing: life is subjective. everything about it is totally open to interpretation, just because i like something doesn’t mean the person standing next to me is going to be as passionate about it, and that’s what makes us all interesting and textured and cool. i am going to get everyone all bothered when i say that i don’t think harry potter is that great of a wizard, or when i say that i am probably the only person who hasn’t bought into the twilight novels or the teams edward or jacob; i just don’t care or particularly like them. that’s my opinion. it is what it is. but my girlfriends who love them don’t care that i don’t. they actually invite me along because i have something different to say about the subject. my point is, everyone is going to look at things differently. that’s fine. it’s good actually. it makes for really great conversation and insight; it takes thought to deeper levels which is really cool. it’s smart to consider something different from what you consider. i would never, however, call stephanie meyer and tell her that i didn’t care for edward or jacob, because first, she didn’t solicit advice or feedback from me, and second, who cares? she doesn’t. a zillion people love her work. she is making a bazillion dollars at bookstores and the box office. she doesn’t care if some don’t think she is a talented writer who touches the human spirit on a profound level. all she cares about is that her three boys all wear gap kids now instead of target’s circo. (she probably cares about other things too; i am sure she does. and there is nothing wrong with circo, both of my children sport it daily. ;))

life is about choices. if you don’t like what you are seeing, hearing, reading, etc. then block out the voice! i don’t read the twilight series because i choose not to; there are other novels that interest me more. WE have the choice to turn off that extrinsic force: turn off the radio, leave the theater, return the book, or exit out of the web page. it’s easy. if you don’t like what you see go somewhere else; fill your life with what fills you, but make it things that will take you to a higher level of thought and living.

i love the images i am about to showcase. i love the people who helped create them. to me they are cool, and noteworthy, and distinctive, and that’s all the matters.


a few weeks ago i kicked it with gus, a hobbiest photographer with a keen eye for life and freezing it with his camera. he is a shy, humble guy so there aren’t any links to him, but hopefully he will chime in soon with some of what he captured during our shoot together, because he did so well and got so many great images!! thank you gus for your humble spirit and enthusiasm to learn; i am grateful for that!

massive props to katrina of kitsch for all of the stylings for the shoot. hair, make-up, and wardrobe were all her creation. if you are looking for someone to style anything for you, she is the one to contact. plus her heart is so good; she somehow understands everyone’s debates. you will contact her to make you beautiful for something and will leave with a new friend.


and a thank you to keiri. it really couldn’t have been possible with out someone to take pictures of. ;) you have the spirit of a quiet lion in that tiny frame!! i am so glad we met.

gus, katrina, and keiri, thank you all so much. you are all art to me, no debate about it. ;)











one of my favorites:






the “dirt” make-up smudges were incredible!! ;)




another favorite:



i loved everything about these images, but that’s just my subjective opinion.

thank you again to gus, kat, and keiri!!


paths crossing

it’s interesting to me how paths cross at a certain time for a certain reason. it’s also interesting how time takes a teacher/student relationship to a friend/friend with so much in common relationship.

i first met katie when she was a junior in high school; she was in my honors english class. IMG_7443katieanddave

she’s not in high school anymore. she’s graduated, is an accomplished teacher herself, is married to a way, way cool guy, and is a mother to one very sweet, and smart baby boy. during our visit, dave asked me is it was “weird” at all having both she and dave in our home and seeing her after all this time. it was only weird that i  knew her when she was still in braces, ogling over hot guys, and deciding on phloofy pink prom dresses. now we are practically the same person living two different lives with so, so, so much in common!! ;)

i loved reconnecting with katie and meeting her man, dave. it was fun to considering my first year of teaching and all of those students i loved so much. it made me want to throw myself back into the classroom; nostalgia has a tendency of doing that to me: it makes me long for a time in my life i loved so much and want to recreate it all again.

i loved katie and dave’s visit.


like all smart parents do they took a break from their babe for a little bit of time to be alone. they vacationed this summer on a cruise ship and docked in san pedro, where i was, coincidentally enough shooting with my friend julie. they found me and we started their weekend of shooting. (dave was such a good sport; wherever i went to shoot they came with me and after i was finished shooting my scheduled shoot i shot them. how’s the for employing the root “shoot” katie? ;))

i loved shooting here; it was just something new for me and that always inspires. not to mention these two were fun and up for anything!!








we caught up, like old friends do.

the next day i took them to work with me in old orange. while i shot my appointment, they mulled around and then met up with me later for the second portion of their shoot.

these were some of my favorites:







and we ended our weekend  together with a third shoot with at the beach, because how can you come to california and not shoot at the beach? you can’t. it’s kind of a rule. i guess.




katie and dave, thanks for coming and for spending some time with us! katie, may you continue to reach for all of your dreams like you always have! ;) dave, may you get me that wedding in chicago! ;) thanks again for coming you two; we loved it!!! next time bring baby!!!! xoxo kam and fam

good genetics

some people just have them.


i hope that people see growth with my family. not just in how much the kids literally grow, but in how we grow closer to each other with the years and the experiences we have as a family. i think it’s a really neat thing to see actually, in ourselves and in others. i photographed this family a couple of years ago; it was so neat to meet with them again and to see how their family has grown, literally and figuratively.


every time i met with casey it makes me feel sad that we weren’t closer when we lived right by one another. i appreciate the way she feels about things, how she sees the world, and her scope on life and progression. if perspective, compassion, imagination, and understanding are genetic, i hope all of her children inherit those traits from their gorgeous mother.


i know they inherited her eyes; no doubt about it:




the tie, which tied (pun intended) everything together gets a little extra love, because i loved the color pop. :)


so does the adorable doll-face wearing it…




if patience, mild-mannered-ness, open-hearted-ness, and  warmth are genetic traits then these babies inherited them from their dad, jr.



good jeans (again, pun totally intended! ;))


two favorite family shots. ever.



not sure the gene pool for these two, but i feel it is safe to assume it was a really good one. i mean look at them? gorgeous.



casey, jr, and incredibly beautiful genetic-ly lucky children, thank you for always sharing your hearts with me. may every summer be a time of warm memories for you! thank you again for sharing some time with me; i walked away feeling so loved. ;) may these images make you feel the same!!! much love to you all, kj


the nutritionist

we all have our gifts. mine has never been to turn down any type of carb,  refined sugar, or even a preservative. i like that stuff, a lot. ;) i just try and eat it all in moderation, that seems to work for me. giving it up completely? impossible. i just don’t have the discipline, and i like all those things and the stuff they are found in way too much. HOWEVER, i have a huge respect for anyone who can give up anything and stick to it, in any arena, not just in diet. i just think the concept of being stronger than something else is really cool. like you are the boss of you not a sugar, or a habit.

jamie, knows all about good foods, how to incorporate them into a well balance diet, etc. it was fascinating talking to her. she currently is on a gluten free regimen. do you know how much food has gluten in it? almost everything we eat. if i were told was allergic to gluten it would be a death sentence. ;) jamie is super educated though, she  nows her stuff and is an incredible resource in the health and nutrition field.

she is also very kind and soft spoken. it was nice to be with a mellow heart and spirit for a bit.


she is working on a new website filled with nutrition tips, how to’s, delicious and good- for- you recipes; it’s going to be really cool!!

even though she is slender and totally in shape she is still approachable and understanding. she will be able to help so many people since her heart knows no judgement.



she likes music too. she traveled to la for a concert, oh, and to visit ikea. music and affordable stuff, two other things she is in to. ;)





jamie, may you continue to inspire. may gluten-free continue to taste good. ;) and may all of your future dreams and goals come to you!! thank you for the opportunity; it was so nice meeting you!!!! kj


mrm: most recent muse

i loved kickin’ it today with my friend gus. he is such a kind hearted person, just so good and so nice. it was refreshing being with someone so mellow and so interested and passionate about photography!! gus, thanks for comin’ out, and for sharing a photographic day with me! i can’t wait to see what you captured.

i was flipping over some of the images i was able to snag during our shoot.

the ever-talented and incredible katrina of kitsch did the styling for today’s shoot. it was so different and so awesome. dirty and grungy, and i. loved. it!! i felt so inspired by what she created and by the model she used to create it all!! thank you to katrina, for being who you are: style guru, fashionista divine, and true friend.

AND a thank you to my mrm, most recent muse: keiri. i could have shot you until the skies turned black, and then waited on baited breath for the light to birth to start again. it was a pleasure meeting you, and capturing your energy today! thank you for being so willing!!!

here is just a sneak peek at what gus and i were able to photograph all afternoon. more soon.

kat, keiri, and gus, thank you so much for making today possible!!!




a week ago…

a week ago yesterday, i spent the entire day with my friend. julie is so talented at what she does. if left the day feeling uplifted and inspired, and two seconds after i shut my car door to go home i was already missing my friend and planning our next “hang-out” in my head!! julie, i am so glad we met!!! thank you for the friendship, encouragement, love, and support you offer me; i am grateful for you!!! there is something so magical about you and everything you do!

julie had a newborn shoot scheduled for the am in san pedro. i had a couples shoot scheduled for the pm. so i assisted her and she assisted me. i learned so much from julie and was so happy to be there to help and just be with someone who is so mellow and calm, that it made me feel way mellow and totally calm. i also loved seeing how she created so much of what she does. it was really cool to be a part of a shoot with her. if you are pregnant, or have a brand new baby, or even a not so brand new baby, RUN to julie’s studio and book a session with her today; it will be one of the best things you ever did!! :)

a week ago yesterday, i helped photograph baby liam:



this was my favorite:



a week ago yesterday, i photographed katie and dave in san pedro:



a week ago today i shot nutritionist and person extraordinaire jamie in old orange:



then is shot dave and katie in old orange:



a week ago tonight, i photographed this enchanting tie connected to an adorable neck and head of a darling boy:





and then a week ago this evening i finished off a weekend of shooting with more katie and dave in balboa:



i promise that “more” from these shoots won’t come a week from today! ;)

much love and happy saturday, kj

homemade jam: helen and glenn’s wedding day

there are a lot of things that bring me comfort in this life: knowing my children are healthy, protected, and happy, feeling understood and at peace in my own skin, knowing jaren loves me no matter what and feeling safe in our relationship, a long trip home, a good night’s rest, friends who just get it and say what i can’t always communicate, mashed potatoes and gravy, a whole myriad of foods actually, the list goes on and on…there is something to be said about feeling “at home” and comfortable with who you are and the people you choose to be with. it’s so refreshing to just be yourself, to feel no chains of expectation or worries of acceptance. it’s like walking through the doors of home to the smell of freshly baked bread; a chilled glass of milk awaits along side smooth butter, homemade freezer jam, a naked piece of warm bread and a smile from your mom, the person who loves you the most in this world.

you must feel this same love, acceptance, warmth, and goodness on your wedding day. it’s compulsory.

you’ll remember helen and glenn from their incredible “artful” engagement session. since our very first starbuck’s meeting, i have had a profound affinity for this couple. i love them. very much.

i have to share something that came in an email from helen, my friend, and most recent bride. it warmed my heart, and will for sure provide you with insight into hers, “Our entire wedding was a giant DIY project and our friends and family,including you, helped make it all come together. I think it was just that much more special because I knew their hands played a part in everything that was put out there.  Glenn and I both had the bestest time! We realized how extremely lucky we are to have such loving and generous people around us.” helen and glenn understand what it means to know love and to give it in return. witnessing their wedding was something special. i knew i was going to be emotional because i had fallen in love with both of them through our previous meetings, but the emotion of their wedding day, the outpouring of sincere and humble love was tangible and humbling. i was so grateful to have been a witness to it. helen and glenn, we are extremely lucky to have you in our lives too!!

they have found their own slice of homemade bread and jam. these two will always, always, find comfort, peace, joy, and above all acceptance and love in the other.

may you fall in love with their spirits as i have:





helen and glenn were married at calamigos ranch in malibu. the day was fitting of a perfect pairing: mellow breeze, soft sun, absolutely gorgeous.

a few details and preparations before their first look:

helen’s bouquet, the boutonnieres, and the floral topiaries were made by larchmont florist; all the other florals were made by helen’s friends michelle, jen, and tom.






helen chose a birdcage for their first look and then a traditional veil for their ceremony; i thought that was neat and made it a “different” moment just by changing one part of the ensemble.


she told me in a conversation that she wanted a “shabby/chic” feel to the wedding. helen, it was all chic, my friend. especially you!!



incredible right? helen’s hair and make-up were done by the super talented missy lowe.

i have shared before that i love happy and smiley. glenn is happy and smiley personified:



he kept practicing a speech he had to give, in korean. he wanted it perfect, just so the feeling would translate. he is such a good person. they both are.


you in love yet?


i think i cried more at their first look than they did. ;)







some details shot pre-celebration. like helen said, everything here is a culmination of friends and family. what a gift. what a tribute to a couple on their wedding day.



(the cake was made by crumb fairy)


another witness to the love helen and glenn have for their friends and family, they made homemade jam as the wedding favor. a gift from the heart, made with love: a perfect choice.





their ceremony, again, got me all welled up inside. to see two special families combine was epic.

i thought this moment was so symbolic. one last look at what was behind her, before stepping into what is in front of her. one last look at the man who comforted her for her entire life, before embracing the man who would take that responsibility.








they were supported by their families and their very best friends.



i have received several emails about this frame. i am not responsible for bringing it; i wish i had been that smart. helen found it at ikea and had it on hand for us.

she’s a genius:


a few final portraits as the sun set on their way- chic- nothing- shabby- about- it day:








my second shooter and good friend alissa shot this one; i loved it!


i got an email a few days before the wedding from helen asking me what alissa and i wanted to eat at the wedding. another tribute to her thoughtfulness. it was her day, but she was thinking of everyone else. everything, down to our dinner, was a complete dream. thank you so much!! :)




helen and glenn, thank you so much, for everything. may you know that you are both like the comforts of homemade jam! ;) may you always remember the way you felt and the love you experienced on your perfect wedding day. so happy to have you as a part of the fabric of my life! happy life to both of you. much love, kj


and a big, huge, shout out to my friend and second shooter alissa, who came all the way from wyoming to shoot this wedding with me! she shot this one…since i am speechless at my apparent beauty, i will leave it to the rest of you to fill in my void of words with commentary on what you are about to behold…


as demonstrated from above :) she has a non-paralled talent for capturing what happens each moment and painting it so beautifully later on. if you live any where near buffalo wyoming you should find this girl and book a session with her immediately. she is incredible, both in spirit and talent. i am so lucky she is my friend and was there to help at helen and glenn’s wedding. thank you alissa, for all you did. i am so inspired by you!!


check out alissa’s blog for more coverage from helen and glenn’s wedding from her gorgeous perspective; i am sure her post will be up soon!! everything she captured that i was able to sneak peek took my breath away. thank you again; can’t wait for our next wedding together!!

much love again to helen and glenn; can’t wait for a reunion visit!!! xoxo kamee


by this time the summer is usually well under way. it’s normally pretty toasty by about now; days are filled with water adventure and at night the fans run full force. the weather has been so precarious i needed to borrow a blanket to keep warm on the 4th. i am not complaining, just sayin’ that this summer and her weather have been a bit, well, strange. it’s still way too comfortable. i know it’s coming and it will be hot until november; i’m just waiting for it to hit!!

things did certainly heat up when janelle and chris were in town.


chris is headed to a consistently warm afghanistan soon. janelle’s one request before he left were a few pictures of them, together, to remind them of the summer before he went away, just for a bit.

our shoot fell perfectly on july 4th weekend. the circumstances and the holiday were befitting.





love this one; it just felt so american eagle-esque…


i am so inspired by the men and women who leave everything they know and love behind to fulfill a call they are compelled to answer. my heart aches for them when i consider what is put on “hold” at home. and my heart swells with some crazy pride when i think of all they sacrifice of themselves to serve and protect our liberties and country. that gets me all kinds of emotional thinking about it. i am grateful for you chris; thank you for being so brave and true to the compulsion you felt inside. you are a hero to so many, and i know you will be held close in many hearts while you are away.

especially janelle’s.





janelle is brave too. she has a routine and follows it, and i know that helps her when the days feel long and the nights a bit lonely, but she was incredibly strong and supportive when we discussed the next few months. i could tell she was proud of him too, and had every confidence in him, his abilities, his convictions and mostly in their relationship. their connection is what keeps them both breathing, in an out, while time and distance separate.






speaking of connection…i’m going to turn the heat up…high. right now. if you weren’t feeling the summer heat before either, get ready…here it comes… and if you want to keep yourself rather cool then head to a blog that explains how to make summer crafts with pipe cleaners, felt, and paste, because it’s getting steamy in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

by the way, i LOVE these images. they were some of my favorites from the shoot.






these two are lucky to have each other, near or far. we were also lucky to stumble on this beauty…and the amazingly kind owners…i am sure they could have steamed up old rosie’s windows, but they kept it mellow with so many passersby. ;)



janelle and chris, may the time fly. chris, may you be safe and protected, and may your conviction carry you quickly through the next months. janelle, may you find yourself busy with all of your hobbies and school. (let’s get that shoot planned; i am in, for sure!!) and may your heart know he will come home quickly.

may you both see and feel that what you have is undeniably real and good.


thank you again so much chris for what you are sacrificing, and janelle, thank you for sharing him with our country; we are grateful!! thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this season in your life. it will pass quickly; i am sure of it!! until then you are both in my thoughts and prayers. much love, kj


the brewers

meet the brewers. not sure if this could have been more perfect had i gone and painted it on the wall myself.


alright. fine. it would have been perfect had their last name actually been brewer. these aren’t the brewers, but wouldn’t that have been cool if they were? seriously. so cool!!! if there is a brewer family out there, i would like to take your pictures, here. cool, huh?

not the brewers, but still stinkin’ awesome and so cool!!


you’ll recognize this team. they aren’t strangers to the blog. i adore this group of people! so much.



had to do it d! i love everything about your emma-girl. she is spirit, and energy, charisma, and attitude all rolled into one ball of fire!




the boy, logan, without the hat. ;)


and the super wonderful, can’t wait until she can babysit, big sis, with incredible eyes allie-cat.


love this picture. every lady needs a picture with her man like this:


dina’s just as hysterical brother, todd, his ever friendly and kind wife, jen, and their super hero son, jt.


super hero, ooozzzes from him. ;) he was so smiley, happy and playful; i love seeing that in kids. it’s just cool.



he should be happy and playful, he came from these two afterall:


these next two make my heart happy:


nicole. i could have photographed her all day. i wanted to get her in a wedding dress and toss her out into some field with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, her hair hanging in romatic curls, a handsome man for her to prop against. can you see it? a look as ethereal as the summer’s setting sun. i wasn’t kidding nicole; you are beautiful.




nicole is on her own but still supported by several strengths:


her mom and step dad are full of vigor and life! she is lucky to have them and vice versa:


anna is a lady after my own heart; she loves all things sparkly and colorful!! i loved this image of her:


and i thought this was just so sweet:


i have been considering my family a lot lately since i have been photographing so many this summer (ps get your family session booked for christmas pictures asap! do it while everyone is tan and healthy!! ;)). family has so many dynamics. so many twists and turns, intricacies and webs of character, charm, and difference. i am fascinated by what makes up a family and how there are so many levels of that word. as unique as we all are, our families, at the end of the day are our people. and that’s something to smile about. so grateful for my people, and the families who allow me the opportunity to photograph theirs.

so much love to “the brewers”. ;) i wish. seriously, brewer family, contact me, please!!!

dina and fam, i had such a great time!!! thank you for hanging with me for a bit; it’s always a pleasure. a shout out to my friend tracy too for being there to support and shoot. her sight will launch soon! so excited for that!!! ;)  thank you again!!

stay sassy, everybody. until next time, happy summer, kj


the hat

the hat does not make the boy.








the boy undeniably, absolutely, wholeheartedly, without a shadow of a doubt-ly makes the hat!

more of logan and his whole family next.

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