like peas and carrots

gunnar’s got a best buddy named caden. these two were born two months apart (it was totally planned), and are seriously brothers, from other mothers. for gun’s bday we had caden over for a few nights of drop down on the ground pajamie jamie jamin’. i interviewed gun the other day about his bff. i was in stitches then and am again now, reviewing his candid responses.

gun loves his buddy so much; we do too.


this was my interview with gun about his best friend. his responses were completely unprompted or solicited. i just asked and wrote and laughed inside and loved everything he said about his buddy.

who’s caden?

caden’s my friend.

what’s your nickname for him?


do you ever call him that?

no, but i will.

what does he look like?

sometimes he has spiky hair. sometimes flat. sometimes no hair. sometimes he be’s mellow. we just color all the time.

what color eyes does he have?

i don’t know. blue?


what do you like best about him?

he always has sleep overs.

what does he do that’s funny?

he makes me laugh when he’s in the tub and says, “kookkook kawk.”

what do you like about caden’s house?

april lives there, and he has the same scooter.

what are the two of you going to do this summer?

watch the trash truck and eat ice cream.

what do you think caden is good at?

jumping up and down on the rug. riding a bike without training wheels.


what food do you like to eat when you are at caden’s house?

chicken and salsa (april and matt…he know’s what’s good for him! ;))

what do you like to play with caden?

transformers and bakugons

favorite thing about him?

his spiky hair

what’s caden’s favorite food?


where do you like to go with caden?

the pizza place and ruby’s

if you were fin who would caden be?


if you were a pea, what would caden be?

a poop (hahahahaa!! i loved that pun!! he thought i said pee…so good!)


what’s caden’s favorite color?


what’s caden’s favorite show?

spongebob (i think he started answering for himself.)

if you were ironman who would caden be?


do you wish caden was your real brother?

oh, yes mom, i do. (this is when i started getting emotional)

how would you feel if he was your real brother?

happy in my heart.


because i love him


do you want to marry his sister addison?

NO! i WANT to marry YOU! (another point in an essay on the oedipus complex; feel free to use this one too.)

what do you want to tell him?

i love you. i miss you. i want you to come and spend the night for three nights.


what else do you want to say?

i like snuggling him. (since they are both 5 let’s not worry about that one right now. :))

cadenman!! we love you so much!! can’t wait for your birthday and some time with you! we are so grateful for you and your parents and your sister!! we love you guys and are so happy that our families have each other!!! thanks for being gun’s wingman and bff forever!!! ;)


baby snacking: wednesday’s diet

something so incredibly yummy for your wednesday snacking. if i were to be baby hungry, which i am not i’ll have you know, this june-bug would throw me over the baby hungry edge…

eat up everyone.

may these images make you smile and want to snack on your own yummies…







still, so incredibly yummy…




may the day be delicious, kj

monday matter

everyone remembers from elementary school that matter is anything that takes up space.

these two, and all their stuff, are matter:


the other day we were driving somewhere. i had both littles with me. lark was singing passionately to herself, per usual, and gun and i were talking:

“mom, one day you will get old, right?”

“yep. i will.”

“will you die?”

“yes, i will, everyone does someday.”

“when you get old will you still be pretty?”

“oh, gun, as long as you love me i will always be pretty to you.”

“good, because if you are going to marry me i need you to be pretty.”

i think my son was proposing to me.

if anyone needs to use this in the formulation of a master’s thesis on the oedipus complex feel free to consider this as a genius anecdote to begin said thesis. :)

one day, he will NOT want to marry. but today he does, and that fills the matter in my heart.


in all their spaces and places, they fill me. i love you both so much; i am grateful for your current matter!! xoxo mom (or mammy as larkin is currently calling me…:)

IMG_2746kiddosblog you two and dad, are all that matter…

the writing on the wall

i have been thinking of tiersha and josh since their wedding. i knew i wanted to share the softness of the day and their relationship, but wasn’t quite certain how to do that appropriately with prose. i considered allowing a favorite poem to be the commentary, but couldn’t find anything that was absolutely fitting for them. yesterday i attended an amazing-out-of-this-world workshop. when i walked into the workshop venue there were several frames hanging, each with a phrase inside. i started reading and knew i had found the perfect dialogue to describe the day and this couple.


frame one: there is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved


frame two: we can only learn to love by loving


frame three: there is no remedy for love but to love more.


frame four: love is a song that never ends


frame five: love is the movement


frame six: love does not alter the beloved it alters itself


frame seven: love those who love you


frame eight: love is a choice you make from moment to moment


frame nine: love is not a victory march


frame ten: he is not a lover who does not love forever


frame eleven: true love begins when nothing is looked for in return


frame twelve: love is all we have


frame thirteen: the first duty of love is to listen



frame fourteen: a man is not where he lives but where he loves


frame fifteen: above all, love each other deeply

tiersha and and josh, i know you do. i could feel it. thank you for letting me be a part of your day; so grateful to have been there. may you frame each other with the powerful love you felt on your wedding day!!

frame sixteen: i’m still learning what love is

may you learn love’s profound depths and chasms, forever, together.


congratulations to you both!!! i am so happy for you! kj

big thank you to my second shooter rachelle; it was fun spending some time together!! :)

the spirit of 18

i know that i am in my 30′s. i get it and accept it, but my spirit will always be in the 18-29ish range. know what i am saying? ;) i have a certain affinity for high school seniors; i know that i am not their age, but i feel a closeness to it for some reason. probably because my metaphorical 18-29 year old spirit wants to eternally connect with the literal theirs. :)

i find myself gravitated to where they are in their lives and what is awaiting them, and i feel energized by that light and zest:


there is something electric about being on the brink of the unknown…about being close to stepping out alone…about embracing life as an adult with what you have been given and taught as an adolescent:



lauren’s ready, ready for what’s ahead and excited for the adventure.


her future is bright, as is she:



lauren, thank you for sharing your 18 year old spirit with me!! it matched mine! ;) i am so happy we met, and i feel so excited for you and all the thrilling uncertainty that awaits you!! take it all in stride. soak it all in. enjoy the ride. GO TO CLASS! be free. savor this chapter in your unforgettable story.


thank you for spending some time with me and connecting with my inner 18!! good luck to you! i know you are making a lot of people proud; i hope you feel proud of this accomplishment as well!! may you remember, you radiate. congrats, kj


bottle this up: a sneak peek

if i could bottle and sell the happiness experienced at angela and rob’s wedding i would be a very rich girl. a few more of my favorites coming soon:


167 west 74th st new york, ny 10023: a sneak peek

there is a bakery in nyc that i love. my girlfriend olivia introduced it to me a few years ago when i was there and sometimes, i dream about it…

soon gentry will be able to frequent it, as often as she likes.


i am going to live vicariously through her, on so many levels, real soon.


i’ll tell you how on the flip side.


stay tuned for more…


stop licking the screen, joy: a sneak peek

my friend joy loves babies. the ones she is particularly fond of she wants to eat, because they look so delicious. ;) what flavor is she joy!!?

she was yummy. super sweet! ;) more to come from this melt-in-your-mouth baby.

until then snack on this:


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