what they were looking at… guess today; i’ll tell ya tomorrow. happy tuesday!!


boy wonder

last week someone at this big conference i attended said, “this gig is about hard work, sacrifice, and discipline.” that struck a cord. it’s so true. anything we want to be good at requires those three components. it also requires a lot of understanding, compassion, and sometimes forgiveness from the people who are a part of your life.


i had a shoot scheduled a long time ago, before we got the t-ball schedule. it couldn’t be rearranged so i had to miss out on the opening t-ball game. jaren said, “kam, it’s going to happen. there will be other games. what matters is that one of us is always there.” my heart hurt a bit; i was sad to miss it. i made a big deal about the game when i got home and asked for a play by play. it was cool to hear gun talk about how excited he was to be a part of a team and share his big league chew at the end. ;) i will be to the next one, for sure.


my little boy is a constant flow of motion. from the second he wakes up in the morning to the second he hits the pillow at night. he needs entertainment, activity, and people. he loves people which is so interesting that he would be struggling right now with some anxieties. this little boy and his spirit have been weighing on my heart lately. as parents we just want our kids to grow up to be well-rounded and well-adapted people who are comfortable in their own skins. so interesting to me how every one is so different and requires so many different needs. gunnar, right now, just needs extra love and reassurance.

sometimes i wish my children had come with a user’s manual. ;)

i just want my babies to know that even though i might not be at the every t-ball game, i will always be here for all the things that matter most.

gunnar, you are my boy wonder. everything you do and say is wonderful to me! except the poop talk, that’s not always so wonderful, but the mouth and mind that said it are!! i love you son; i am here for you. always. mom



my sister has a green thumb. everything she plants produces life, color, and beauty. she learned a lot of what she knows from our parents who are equally as gifted at cultivating the earth and producing, well, stuff.

i am the adopted child in terms of gardening, and planting anything that needs to grow and flourish.

last summer when we decided to plant a garden and some flowers i was a bit apprehensive because i wanted to be successful at it, and was nervous i was going to fail gloriously. i didn’t fail too bad. we had tomatoes and other fresh produce, but my flowers, with the exception of one species, all gave way to the sun. oh, ok, and to my lack of watering abilities. the flowers that pushed through my mal-treatment and the elements were the marigolds: gunnar’s choice.

so this year, that’s all i decided we would plant, gunnar’s choice. when i told my dad i wanted to plant something hearty and still aesthetic and that i wanted to go with marigolds, he said, “YES! that’s a fantastic idea. the marigold will be perfect!” translation: “YES! kamee will not be able to harm this plant!” :)

i spent the morning working in my front yard with my dad yesterday. i am a little emotional thinking about it. he is such a good man with a heart the size of this world! he gives so much of himself to everyone he knows and loves and is so innocent, kind, and good. he loves my mom and my sister and me more than anything else and we know it because he shows us. yesterday he planted me flowers, because he loves me. i love him too. so glad we were able to spend time together. it’s these moments that last and are etched in my heart forever.

i will always associate the marigold with my son, who is a gift, and my father, who is a treasure.




baby was there for a bit too. she, like her mom, has a mis-guided interpretation of planting. she thinks paint makes a great fertilizer. :)



we finished up later in the afternoon with the help of grandma (another excellent gardner, nurturer of all things requiring love, shoulder to lean and cry on, and tremendous source of strength and understanding), gunnar, a over-water-er, and baby, the biggest weed, growing before my eyes, in my garden.


so thankful for my parents and their willingness to come and be with my babies while i was away. also, so grateful for all the love and warmth they always give me and my family.

love you mom and dad. thank you for cultivating a beautiful garden for me in my youth and life and for continually showing me a showering of love!! love you both. the house feels empty without you!!

ps i am going to try and blog something small each day, with the exception of sundays; i gotta rest a bit one day…;)



today felt like…i was drowning….why does it always feel that way when you get back from a trip? i am so glad my parents are still here for a bit of time to help me get back on my feet from my time away. looking forward to the night so i can get caught up on the piles of work rearing their ugly pile heads.

was sweet being clambered by these too all day. this is an old shot, but one i love. didn’t even have time to get my brand new 5d mark ii out of the box to play with to snap a recent one…


what i believe

i head home today, this evening. i have missed my man and the littles, but have also enjoyed the quiet (funny, right? vegas isn’t that quiet!), and the time to be inspired and get some work done without distractions. i have also really enjoyed meeting up with friends and meeting friends, in general.

yesterday i was able to attend dane sander’s platform on the anatomy of a creative. everything i heard resonated with who i think i am as, well, a creative. those of you who read my blog know how fascinated i am by time. lately i have been considering how i spend mine. it has been a sobering awakening. dane shared today, “you must be faithful to who you were made to be while simultaneously doing what matters most.” imagine 2 hours of genius like that. i cried. (not the whole time and not hysterically like they needed to give me oxygen or something, but softly, you know? like when you watch the hallmark commercial and your heart warms and your eyes well. that type of crying. my nose might have dripped a little bit. just a one saw.) and that’s just me sharing my truth right now. so much of what he discussed touched so much of the spirit of what i believe and who i am. he read this quote from mark twain, “most men die at 27…we just bury them at 72.” we get so caught up, most of the time in the trivial, that we forget to live. i am  a huge advocate of carpe diem, seizing the day, embracing the experience, the opportunity, life. what are you doing right now to show you are living? this whole experience at wppi has been an opportunity for me; it has rekindled in me the urgency for living that i have always believed in.

i am so grateful to have been a part of it.

just a few images from last night’s “living”.

my super fun, ultra talented, and genuinely good and nice friend kellie carter. check out her work, you will fall in love with the artist and the talent!!

photo5blogi wish this girl lived next door.

photo6blogmany of you will remember diana. we were able to meet up again too. she is one of the sweetest people. ever. she is launching something new soon!!! can’t wait for it! until then follow her sweetness here.


and this is some crazy lady who couldn’t figure out how to play the slot machines. she was weird.



really weird. but she looked like someone who knew how to appreciate time, and how to live.


diana and kellie and all my other friends, thank you for making this experience so memorable. i am grateful for your presences in my life. i believe in all of you and your dreams, and i believe in me, too.

good bye las vegas. see you soon. kj


just started a new challenge with my friend to blog something every day! we’ll see how i do. :)

i have had a really great last couple of days. i assisted at a wedding with jessica claire in albany,  new york where we shot the new mr. and mrs. jp elario’s wedding. i can’t even describe to you what i saw and experienced; it was, to quote my new new york friends, “off the hook!!!!!” have been singing jay-z and alicia’s song ever since, “in new york….” as soon as jessica delivers the full post i will add a few of my images here. ;) hang on tight! you won’t believe it!

now i am in las vegas at wppi. this will sound cheesy ball-y, but i have been to three classes so far and have gotten a little emotional in all of them! feeling so inspired!!! love it here. love the energy. love the friends i have connected with and the new friends i am meeting. already planning next year.

i have all my equipment and have a million muses to shoot but i haven’t taken a single picture. (didn’t bring anything to download with anyway…)

i called home this am to check on everyone. talked to gunnar for 10 seconds, “i want you a come back. what you bringing me mom?” i see how it is…

since posts are always better with something visual i included only one of these. it is from a while ago at another wedding i assisted with jessica claire. it was gorgeous. they were gorgeous. i love weddings.

ps don’t even have my watermarks here. so i improvised!!

love from lv, kj


i’m outie, but some pretties before i go-ies? ;)

i leave tomorrow for a little trip. i am headed to albany to second shoot a wedding with this genius. feeling excited at the opportunity. then i am headed to vegas to attend wppi: a huge wedding and portrait convention for photographers. i am looking forward to everything except the packing, for some reason i just don’t enjoy that part. at all. you know, it’s like, “i might wear that. i am not sure i will wear it, but could change my mind once i am there. love this. would wear it every day if i could get away with it. it goes in the bag, without saying. do i have time to buy a whole new trip wardrobe? what jewelry do i need. blow dryer? no the hotel will have one. what if it doesn’t though? throw it in just in case. it is going to be cold in albany so i will need these things and then warmish in vegas so i will need these things. boots? yes. stilettos? not sure. i’ll take them just in case.” ;) you all know the packing dialogue you have with yourself. i am currently having it.

happy for a break. feel like i need it. i will miss my babies though. and my man. but am looking forward to being just for a bit. i mean going to the bathroom alone really is an understated privileged for a mother. all the mom’s are shaking their heads in complete understanding. it’s good for mommies to get away. excited this is the getaway for me.

i am going to be a little m.i.a from the blog while i am away. just taking a break. that’s all, but i will be back shortly and will have lots to share. this month is beyond busy, but i am looking forward to all the experiences and opportunities that are waiting for me. not to mention all the cool people i get to meet and photograph. it’s going to be a great month! super, super ultra excited for the end of it!! there are still a few seats left if you are on the fence! COME!!! would love to have you. i am so excited about it!!!

thought i would leave you with some pretties from the last jessica claire workshop.

shout outs to the vendors:

hair and make up brought to you by stacy craven of smoke and mirrors makeup,

breathtaking stylings by rebecca stone of duet weddings,

and absolutely out-of-this world florals by kate holt of flower wild.

and lest we forget the two lovelies found in all the photographs breadon and lindsay.

it was another beautiful day. enjoy.



























pretty right? i loved this workshop.

ok. i’m out. see you all soon, kj

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