first kiss: a sneak peek

it’s totally accepted to have your first kiss with your brother.



naaaahhhhh…those types of kisses don’t count. or do they? ;)

you will want to be adopted by this family…more to come

ps how darling are those little finger nails? seriously. ;)

hot: sneak peek

the weather in phoenix last weekend was perfect; however, if these two stick around long enough they will heat arizona up themselves…hang on…it’s gettin’ hot in here…stay tuned…


so much to tell you

last night at the airport i was telling jaren, “can’t wait to get home; i have so much to tell you.” i really do have so much to share from the weekend. i loved everything about it. so much.

just a peek from the shoot at the workshop. this little girl left an indelible mark and helped solidify a point:

“what you feel is who you are and who you are is beautiful…”




i have so much to tell you; i’ll be back soon, kj

something pretty

just a few from last friday’s wedding. i am packing up and heading to az in the morning!! super excited for the workshop and the shoots i have planned there. it’s going to be great! can’t wait!! until then…enjoy these pretties from a spectularly bright and wonderful day!!!

every. single. image in this series? i love!!!






smiley and happy…two of my favorite things from two of my new favorite people.

more to come when i come home!!


the chicks…flying in and out…

these images will come in waves. i am swamped right now with stuff and prepartions for arizona so i won’t be able to blog a big post right away, but they will come in spurts. i also am going to take a break from daily blogging, just for a bit, like this week, so i can get things squared away…until then here’s something to sink your teeth into. ;)

this was last year…


she wanted to eat them this year too…


hahahahahahahaha! hope everyone has a good laugh.

ok. i am going to come and go for a bit. will try to keep up with my goal of posting each day, but things are getting hectic and i am out of town again on thursday, az this time!! hooray! so excited. i do have so much to share though. stay tuned, kj

merry maryann

when i was in college my roommates and i decided to have a thematic halloween one year. we decided to each be a character from gilligan’s island. i, luckily enough, got to be maryann. she was my favorite from the show anyway. i just thought she was the nicest, bubbly-iest, and sweetest one on the island next to gilligan of-course.

my resemblance to her is quite uncanny…if i do say so myself…


i know another maryann who is even more nice, more bubbly, and more sweet. she happened to get married today. now she is  headed to the st. lucian “islands”…wonder if the original maryann was stranded there?? ;)






excited to have been a part of it.

from a former “maryann” to a true original, i am so happy for you both!!! here’s to a beautiful day!!

the images above were shot at her bridal session. just wait until you see what i saw today… ;)

it was a holiday after all, right?: a sneak peek

it was st. patrick’s day, right? that’s a holiday, right? baby deserves to let loose a little, right? think they slipped something in her bottle? nah…..just a peek from my shoot today with the kids and the chicks. chicks not shown here. only drunken baby. ;) amy, you know i’ve got nothing but love for you and your littles!!! so good seeing you today along with the rest of the the stroller striden’ moms who have become my friends!!!IMG_4739rubs


one of gunnar’s first words was gog. he was fascinated, like most children, by dogs. his sister is the same. she loves them and at the same time isn’t sure she wants to be too close to the furry creatures without someone going with her.

t, guessed it right! the kids were looking at yohan, our neighbor’s very mild-mannered well-tempered gog.


he came out to play the other day while we were playing too. the kids of course wanted to check him out especially since he was so willing to sit still while they mauled him. good dog.



i love you both so much and how intrigued you are by everything that moves!!!


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