usc 18 ohio 15

i am so glad they won. had they lost steve might have blamed me.

angie sent me a relatively urgent email:

“just wondering if we could reschedule our shoot this saturday. it’s the usc game; i forgot and scheduled our pictures on game day. my husband is a huge fan…”

i returned the email, “my schedule is looking tight we might be able to work something out for a weeknight in november. want to push it to then?”

she decided to stick with the original shoot day and beg for mercy from her man. 

skip ahead a few days…

i was out doing a bit of shopping and i came across a t-shirt that made me think of my pending shoot for the weekend. it had the usc logo on it with the trojan mascot in obvious yellow and red, only it was cool and ultra fashionable not college bookstore quality. so i found a fun red checkered collared shirt to go underneath and thought, “i am buying this and wearing it this saturday so that fan will know i am happy he gave up the game for family pictures.” i have no affiliation with usc, and, don’t hate me steve, don’t follow their games at all, but i wore the shirt because i wanted steve to know that if he was a fan, then i was too, and i wanted something to shout to him, “thanks for comin’ out!!” 

and i am so glad they did. i have been thinking about this shoot and the family since we met. i love it when i leave a shoot feeling happier than when i walk up to it. i love it when i am shooting and it feels like i am catching up with old friends, instead of people I barely met two hours ago. i love it when i leave a shoot and want to plan play dates with the mom just so i can hang out with her and introduce our children in hopes they will become best friends or possibly even marry someday.

i especially love it when the shoot understands the importance of the home team.


and i love it when i go home, start editing, and remember all the fun, laughs, and smiles we had while creating the 2009 family playbook.




steve and angie started their game of life in high school; sweat hearts from the side lines and on the green.



i think those stories are so fascinating, because they are proof that is really can happen. love really can survive the drama. ;) these two are so down-to-earth that i don’t think drama ever existed for them. they are, for sure, each other’s mvp.

i loved this moment.  i loved witnessing it and then seeing it again post process; it made me smile just as much the second time around.

touch down:


this was my favorite of the two of them together.

touch down with a field goal: 


and i just thought this one was cool.

rad half time:


they have added some pretty stinkin’ cute little players to their original team. 

qb, jordan:


and…get ready for some yummy chubbiness…

water boy, ryan:

love. want to drink the water boy.


these boys run all the plays and take all the tackles for one and only one cheerleader.




i loved all the personalities in this image:


and the pouts in this one from the tired b-team. this is actually one of my favorites of the family together. no blitzes, secret passes, just taking a knee, and being:


and i loved this one too:


every team wishes to play well, to suffer minor injuries, to secure victory, and to win the super bowl and go to disneyland. this team made a few wishes on previously made wishes, but the disney dream was already a reality.



there is no doubt they are solid. they will work hard, play hard, and laugh hard!! they will win trophies, medals, certificates, and big ugly expensive rings and they’ll do it together.


angie, steve, jordan, and ryan, thank you for sacrificing a game with the dream team to spend some time with the home team. i will always be your #1 cheerleader who shows up, in home colors, to support her favorite fans. may you always find lasting joy from the champions whose faces you see each day. thank you again so much for the opportunity to photograph your current passes, interceptions, and touch downs.

the kamee june crowd is going wild for team p….aahhhahahahahahhhahahahahahhhh!!!



cake topper

my friend jessica and i have been joking about how larkin would make a darling cake topper.

for her birthday, that’s where we put her.

larkee cake

she got to sit on her cake and eat it too.

larkee cake 2

she LOVED it. i loved the memories we made.

larkee cake 3

thanks jess; these are deliciously sweet!!

larkee cake 4

for more of our family pictures 2009 check out the shakespeare of photography’s blog

happy birthday lark; we love you baby!!

second annual gunnar week: days five and six

we partied like rock stars this week, celebrating gunnar and all the wonderful-ness he is!! he has had friends over, eaten at his favorite haunts, bought a fun new toy, had extra tv, computer, and books before bed. He ate the meals of his choice, we played the games he wanted, and we did all the activites he loves. gunnar even received emails and phone calls from his cousins and grandparents; it was so neat how everyone bought into the week and joined in on loving him a little extra.


he had a surprise visit from some good friends who recently moved away. they came to town for the weekend to wrap things up with their move; it was perfect that their visit happened during gunnar week. i didn’t tell him they were coming until they knocked on the door. this was the response i got followed by dust; he ran so fast to answer the door. i didn’t see him again for the rest of the night.


he partied so hard this week he fell fast asleep on the floor, the hardwood floor.


gunnar, it would take more than a week for dad and i to tell you how much we love, care, admire, enjoy, and appreciate you and all the color and life you add to our family. we love you so much little boy!!

guess who turns 1 tomorrow?


sand. slipping through my fingers.

stay little for just a touch longer, both of you. my heart is full as i consider the past year and as we anticipate lark’s birthday. she was such a rotten infant (she really was tough; had she come from nordstrom i would have returned her), but has turned out to be such a gift to our family. 

larkin and gunnar, you two are the best things your dad and i ever did.

we love you both so much, xoxo m and d

keeping up with the joneses

i am not sure how or where that phrase came from, but there must have been a family a long time ago that had it all goin’ on with the last name of jones, and someone wanted her family to be just like that family, and so she started saying that she had to keep up with the joneses so she could be as cool as they were. this family would never make you feel like you needed to keep up with them, but they for sure all have it goin’ on: 


i met the jones years ago, sitting in church, actually. danielle was holding the smallest baby i think i had ever seen. i knew i wanted to hear the story, so being me, i asked if i could hold that littlest thing and in the meantime asked danielle about her baby. meredith was born prematurely, like super ultra tiny prematurely. considering the thought of holding her when she was that new and that early, and that fragile, and that miraculous is making me a touch emotional. seeing that baby now all grown up, healthy, and dancing is making me even more emotional:


meredith is a tender heart; it’s obvious. she is still, quiet, and a gift to her family and this world. 



i remember distinctly how danielle held her small frame so close to her heart; as her mother she knew early on she was going to be something special. and she is.


they aren’t twins, but are asked if they are all the time …trevor is a step up from me-me:


he is all boy! i think he adds such a distinctive, spunky dynamic to the family:



he might not believe me now, but he will be so happy to have come from a home of sisters some day; his wife will be so happy too. 


madeleine and her sister mackenzie don’t like the fact that they share a room; i think that is one of the luckiest things in the world. they have someone to cry with, laugh with, and share their secrets with. they are close in age, and i think that is a blessing: having a sister who is also a friend. not to mention they will be able to share their fabulous wardrobes with each other. they love their imac, itunes (even though they differ in opinion of music), and each other, that was obvious. they made me want to move in with my sister, and share a room with her. i wonder what our husbands would think of that.

Madeleine is third from the bottom. I think she is enchanting:



and that pretty light fades in jealousy when compared to miss madeleine’s beauty:


i asked mackenzie and madeleine to ride with me in my car while we journeyed from location to location. they were such great conversationalists, were super fun, and made me feel like my future is in a good place. i also had wardrobe envy…big time…


and hair and eye color envy… (ps didn’t touch those eyes in photoshop…gorgeous right?)


and shoe envy…you can’t see them, but i wanted them for sure! they were orange…so cool. mackenzie is the quintessential first born.

she is basically, well, perfect, and so unbelievably gorgeous.


together they really do make the children everyone hopes to have one day: respectful, kind, happy, obedient, and good to look at. if keeping up with the joneses assures me that type of child, i’ll keep up, no problem.


one from the blooper reel; he just wanted to watch the kissin’ that he was magnetized to and grossed-out by all at the same time. typical. funny. i loved it.




what about mr. and mrs. jones? 

danielle is an outstanding mom who devotes a lot of time to all her kids’ activities; she is present in their life and that is inspiring. she also is full of great stories like surviving plane crashes, and embracing different family dynamics. and she is a reader who is great to have around on book club night; i always enjoyed her thoughts and commentary on what we had read. she is also a tremendous party thrower…i guess she is a lot to keep up with. ;) 


ryan is genuine and nice. he is always interested in our family and the comings and goings of our life. they welcomed us into their home on occasion and i always felt comfort and love.they really are two people who love each other and their kids the most in this life. once again, if that’s what we need to do to keep up, i’ll do it.


i loved this image. it is a perfect reflection of who they are as a couple and parents:


you can’t have gorgeous kids without a beautiful original team:


it was a pleasure spending some time with this family. i loved catching up with them. if the phrase is true and we do really find ourselves keeping up with the joneses, then these joneses are good ones to keep up with.

ryan, danielle, mckenzie, madeleine, trevor, and meredith, thank you for the opportunity to spend some time together; i have missed your family. may the only people you really care to keep up with be the ones found in these photographs. :)

i think your family is as beautiful as the light we chased that afternoon. thanks again, kj


second annual gunnar week: days three and four

yesterday was so packed i didn’t even have time to document it. g wanted to have another play date and lunch at redbrick pizza; the play date turned into dinner at ruby’s and a slumber party. we threw a trip to the park and a nice bike ride with friends in there too. i wished for my camera during so many moments yesterday, but didn’t have it with me.

today he asked to stay at home, (“i just want to stay at home mom.” so sweet.) play with his friend, and have extra computer time. done. :)


and he wants me out of his face. ok. i’ll leave you alone, gun.


he is having lunch from carl’s jr. and then i am off to work so the evening of day four will be up to dad; i’m sure it will be something special. gunnar, i love you little stink face!! you are a special boy. happy gunnar week. xoxo mom

a barrel of monkeys

the last time i met up with these littles i brought live chicks. not kidding.

their moms are a part of a seriously awesome stroller strides group. not only do they workout together, but they also have activities outside of the weekly workouts: baby showers, parties, luncheons, boutique fairs, and bi maybe tri annual pictures. every time i associate with these women (and their children) i leave feeling uplifted because i laughed a little harder, shared my heart a little more, and felt loved a little deeper. i want to be a part of their group of “sweaters” because i feel so connected to them as mothers and people trying to make a difference in the lives of their children,and in the world around us. (my busy schedule keeps me from joining, but i totally- wholeheartedly would, otherwise.) they are good people with good hearts, and gorgeous children with great personalities. these babies are lucky to have those mommies.

like i said, the last time we met was in the spring. i wrangled up some live chicks and with the help of some friends kept everything, chicks and kids, in the coup. this year we decided to keep things a bit more contained; i didn’t find any livestock to incorporate into the shoot. just a rad barrel and some darling monkeys.













this little brother wasn’t so sure about being called a monkey in a barrel:IMG_0246-lukeblog

good thing he had brother:





one of the newest striders:



lena had zero fear of the chicks last time, but surprisingly wasn’t too sure of the barrel this time. we worked for this one, all of us ;) :


a big strider:




two teeny tiny striders:



that little strider with her mommy (how rare are these pictures? aren’t we usually the ones snapping? i love to have pictures of me with my babes.)


and that mommy’s first baby:


and a lovely and


spunky strider


who is getting ready to be a big sis to the littlest strider:



gorgeous expectant strider:


i know, it’s not fair…


and the strider who kept asking me, “where’s the chickens?” so amazing how they remember:




this is how i felt as we wrapped up both days of shooting:


thank you all for the opportunity to photograph such sweetness that comes from such great homes. may your fall be full of everything you love, kj


second annual gunnar week: day two

agenda for the day. according to gunnar:


drink chocolate milk.

watch extra shows: spongebob and scooby doo

give larkee a make-over (totally his idea. he could be a make-up artist in the making. i have no problem with the mac discount he could get me.)


eat a doughnut brunch (i coaxed him into the ride in the trailer…i needed to get my exercise on for the day… especially with doughnuts involved…)


have a friend over to play (so happy garrett could join us; i love the play date. it’s a good thing.)

eat more doughnuts with said friend.


have chocolate covered raisins and chocolate milk for lunch.

play transformers.


eat chicken and rice for dinner.

done and done. we checked it all of his list. was a good second day to gunnar week. he is sleeping now. the power of the play date…i am telling you…

sleep tight gun; i love you son. i hope you feel it and know it!! here’s to tomorrow. what will we do?

here’s something just for fun: a sneak peek at a piece of wardrobe for our family pictures coming this weekend:


and just a little love to gun’s baby sis who follows him around like he is the next best thing to sliced bread:


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