first day of school! first day of school!

gun jumped on my bed this morning: “first day of school mom!! today i get to learn how to read!” he snuggled down and started telling me about all his little friends and all the fun he has at school and how happy he was that today was a school day. i snuggled him close for the two seconds he would hold still, remembering a little boy i used to drop off at school crying at the door, pulling on my pants so i wouldn’t go. today he walked in confidently, high-five-d all of his buddies, kissed me goodbye, loved his little sis, and went about his business of taking over the pre-school.

just a few snaps from this morning:firstday3


gun’s at school three days a week this year. i am happy to have some time free to get work done, but i do miss his voice and his energy. someone else is missing him too. the quality of this image is not the best; another animated pre-schooler bumped me just as i clicked the shutter. you get the idea:


here’s to a great year!!

all packed up



everything but the computer…i am leaving it at home. mama needs a little break.

but here’s a few more carrots, dangling, in front of your head…

more from these two:



these two:



and a super-ultra-cool 50′s retro, vintage, poolside family portrait session, a couples session, and a sexy single session when i return…

until then, “99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer…”


be back soon…kj

potions 101

gunnar has an affinity for harry potter. lately he has been preparing for another year at hogwarts by practicing his concoctions:


every waterbottle, sippy cup, regular cup, and bowl in the house has been recruited to contain a new potion. if you look closely you can see a blue ribbon in this one; this potion turns you into a azur snake:


can you see the marshmellow in the red and something undefinable on the bottom of the blue? gunnar told me, “this turns you into a marshmallow, a really big one, until you float away…” and the other “turns you into a monster without a head.” i think if i drank any of them they would turn me into a toilet hugging, green-faced, monster.


the imagination inside this boy fascinates me.


he starts school again in a week, not sure if all of his potions will be allowed.


i think he accidentially drank one of his own brews and it gave him a bit of obsessive compulsive disorder. he can’t stand it when his tongue turns a different color: blue raspberry otter pop blue, green apple jolly rancher green, red fruit punch red. he asks me all the time if his tongue is a color. it consumes him if it is a different color. he washes his mouth out, wants a drink, eats another food, even rubs bobby on it until it goes back to just “normal tongue pink.”


and he had a small anxiety attack the other day about his hair. it was sticking up because it needed to be cut. he kept stroking the trouble spot with a hand full of water. he was so upset when it wouldn’t lie down with water; we had to pull out some hair spray and gel just to make it go flat. he checked the mirror all day to make sure the products were working. it was bananas. then the next day we had plans to meet up with friends. he told me, “mom, do you think they will say anything about my hair?” WHAT?!? What four-year-old kid worries about that stuff?


gunnar, colored tongue, alfalfa hair, or monster face…


what ever your potions shape-shift you into, it doesn’t matter, i’ll love you forever. xxx mom


packing up today…headed out on an arizona adventure tomorrow…

wedding day remix: a sneak peek

a peek at a shoot hot off the presses; i have been looking forward to it for a long time…


an eternally beautiful bride,


and a stunning gown (and a very sweet groom…too);

you’ll never believe what we did to the dress…


more to come. happy weekend, kj

simply be…so awesome!!

i love this photograph. 


i love these expressions and that awesome hat.

they are just so rat-pack- frank sinatra-esque and i am a sucker for anything found in that arena.


i love this face because he knows what’s behind him.

p.s. mom said it was totally cool to take this…


i love single moms because theirs is the hardest job on the planet, especially a single mom of two boys.


and i loved being a part of summer vacation travel plans.



kimberly got in touch with me while planning her summer vacation. she and her boys are from minnesota, and were headed to the west for some sun, sand, and surf. i was thrilled to be included on their list of things to do and people to meet.

i was the lucky one, meeting them. i was so inspired by kimberly: educated woman, working mom, entrepreneur, hockey chauffeur, and tremendous supporter of two very handsome young men.

kimberly has her own photography business in minnesota, simply be photography. she specializes in children and families, and is swamped with work, a tribute to her many talents and skills.




it was easy to note how much love she has for her boys. i can’t even begin to wrap my mind around the sacrifices she has had to make to raise these two. they are a tribute to her though and her hard work. i was so impressed with both of them: they were respectful, listened and engaged in our conversation, and were gracious when we left. they are a tribute to their wonderful mother and her patience and love.

drew is the oldest; he belongs in an abercrombie and fitch magazine.



love this one:



and this one too:



ryan, super mellow and sweet, went with the flow and was a total pleasure to be with.



love this one:



love the light here, the look on his face, the moment, the quiet, everything about it. 



another favorite. he looks like he fits right in with the california flow and lifestyle.


i have never met an andrew or a ryan that i didn’t like. seriously. my first love was named andrew and i seriously crushed on 4 ryan’s in college. no lie. i knew i was going to like these two right after i heard their names.

love. love. love this image!!




the tone of their family was so mellow, just easy going, and carefree. 



so happy. so real. so geniune.




another favorite. a distinctive spin on a family portrait.


kimberly, andrew,and ryan, thank you for including me on the california itinerary. may you always enjoy the sand and surf or dreams of it… especially when you are bundled up in the winter. :) may you always just be, simply happy. ya, don’t cha know…thanks again for the great time!!



the campaigning…

was a success!!! yippee! hooray! yahhhhoooooooo! my little blog won a huge nod at the “you’ve just been spotted” oc blog awards for the eye candy blog category, all thanks to….YOU!!! thank you to everyone who voted, and who spends a little bit of time here each day, or week, or month. thank you for thinking my blog is good and nice, and for enjoying my pictures.

now what to wear to the inaugural ball…:)

here’s a little bit of eye candy spotted from my own little man, homie-g. more to come of him and a great gunny funny…



baby shower

i have a lot of favorite times in the day.

i love the morning when my kids are fresh out of bed, rested and energized for a new day. i especially love the squeal i get from my baby when i walk into her room to get her out of her crib. it is sublime, surreal, enchanting, and adorable. if i could only listen to one sound the rest of my life it would be her early morning glee.

i love lunch time because that is when gunnar and i have a chance to chat. our conversations usually revolve around his philosophical four-year-old musings or about how transformers will take over the earth or about how he sees monsters without heads in his room and that’s why he can’t sleep in there.

i love nap time because it is quiet.

i don’t love bed time like most parents do because right now we are having struggles with it; it’s not a fun part of my day, but i do like what precedes bed time: bath time, or in tonight’s case shower time.


baby loves water: pools, tubs, kitchen sinks, hoses, squirt bottles, and strong massaging sprays.



i love the moments after bath/shower time; there is something so delicious about a clean child, fully lathered in johnson and johnson’s, and dressed in lavender softened jammies.


i love good night kiss time too…from everyone in my house…here’s a kiss for all of you…X….good night. may whatever time it is for you be great!!

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