paper chain

a month before jaren and i got married he made me a paper chain. it came with instructions. i was supposed to rip off one link of the chain each day until our big day. it was actually really sweet; each link had something written on it that he either loved about me or was excited for in terms of our relationship and marriage. (he was mostly “jeff norwood” excited…personal joke, sorry, had to throw it in there…) i thought jaren’s chain was romantic, and each day it solidified how in love i was with that man(i still am, even more deeply and profoundly), and reminded me that i had made the right choice to marry him.

laura and david are getting married in two days.


i think we should make them a paper chain. not like jaren’s, with all the things we love about them, but with our wishes for their day and their life together.


link one: may you only get one waffle maker as a gift. (we got 4, one of which was like 6 years old and non-returnable.)

link two: my your fridge always be full of ice cream.

link three: may your children all be on winning soccer teams with cool names like, the muck dogs.

link four: may you always kiss…like this…


link five: may you always enjoy the romantic simplicity of just holding hands.

link six: may you always have jobs with health benefits.

link seven: may your children be smart and beautiful. 

link eight: may your life sparkle like the summer stars.


link nine: may great, great grandpa remember to keep his teeth in and his pants on at the reception.

link ten: may your children get early acceptance letters to harvard.

link eleven: may you vacation every year, even if it is just in your backyard.

link twelve: may your laughter always be your favorite sound.


link thirteen: may your life together be filled with dreams that come true, indelible moments that define your spirits, and a love that grows deeper with respect, compassion, understanding, and of course, romance!

laura and david, may your wedding day be one of the best days of your life, together.

looking forward to it, kamee june

ok, everyone. leave laura and david a link in the comments section. this will be fun; let’s see how many we can give them before saturday at 1:00pm. it can be some advice, something funny, something sweet. whatever you think would contribute to the lovely couple’s “paper chain” and help them count down the hours to their day!!

from where i sit august 1st looks like it is going to be gorgeous!!

new lens

look what new lens can do.


hellloooooooo new lens. 

too bad my subjects weren’t as engaging as the light.

now imagine this light with a beautiful bride and a handsome groom…i love you new lens; yes i do! getting so excited for saturday’s wedding!

life is but a dream

whitney is just a talented person. she is one of those people that makes you say, “she is so talented and good at everything she does.”


i think the angel in charge of the talent line in heaven had a huge, fat crush on her because he kept giving her things she would be good at. he was like, “you are going to be a good writer, both prose and poetry. you are going to make people laugh with your distinctive humor. you are going to understand humanity and the needs of others. you are going to be close to those who love you and accept them for who they are. you are going to be smart. you are going to be witty (no pun intended). you are going to be charismatic. you are going to be really beautiful in every sense of the word. you are going to be humble. you are going to love everyone. you are going to be creative. you are going to think deeply. you are going to smile regardless of what circumstances accompany you. you are going…”

then the guy behind whit says, “hey pal, what about the rest of us?”

then the talent angel wakes up from his talent bestowals of whitney, and says, “yours is coming buddy. just wait. patience is a virtue. blessed are the quiet and even-tempered,” but before he scoots lovely whit aside and gives the dude behind her something mediocre for interrupting his talent dreams with whit, he secretly passes her 100′s of superfluous talents. then he gives her a wink and proceeds to sparingly dole out the left-over talents to the remaining persons in line (he is only given a certain amount for his shift in the talent queue and he gave the majority and all the good ones, mind you, to whitty.)

she is that gifted. or at least that’s how i see it when i am with her or when i consider her.


her poetry will shock you, not due to its content but because of its deep sentiment and its profound relation to the human experience; her thoughts are intriguing for her young age. her prose reads like poetry; it’s that good. i’d like to think she could attribute her writing prowess to a 10th grade english teacher and 11th and 12th grade yearbook advisor, but i think it’s that talent angel that deserves all the credit for whit’s fortes.

for whitney, a few poems to accompany her and drew’s stunning portraits:

By the Sea

Why does the sea moan evermore?
Shut out from heaven it makes its moan,
It frets against the boundary shore;
All earth’s full rivers cannot fill
The sea, that drinking thirsteth still.

Sheer miracles of loveliness
Lie hid in its unlooked-on bed:
Anemones, salt, passionless,
Blow flower-like; just enough alive
To blow and multiply and thrive.

Shells quaint with curve, or spot, or spike,
Encrusted live things argus-eyed,
All fair alike, yet all unlike,
Are born without a pang, and die
Without a pang, and so pass by.

–Christina George Rossetti


blessing the boats
may the tide
that is entering even now
the lip of our understanding
carry you out
beyond the face of fear
may you kiss
the wind then turn from it
certain that it will
love your back    may you
open your eyes to water
water waving forever
and may you in your innocence
sail through this to that
--lucille clifton
Break, Break, Break
Break, break, break,
On thy cold gray stones, O Sea!
And I would that my tongue could utter
The thoughts that arise in me.

O, well for the fisherman's boy,
That he shouts with his sister at play!
O, well for the sailor lad,
That he sings in his boat on the bay!

And the stately ships go on
To their haven under the hill;
But O for the touch of a vanished hand,
And the sound of a voice that is still!

Break, break, break,
At the foot of thy crags, O Sea!
But the tender grace of a day that is dead
Will never come back to me.

--Alfred Lord Tennyson

Boats sail in the river,
And ships sail in the seas,
But the clouds that sail in the sky,
Are prettier than these.
There are bridges on the river,
Boats sail under them,
We can see the birds,
Like a road from the earth to the sky
Boats are free like bees,
Like flowers on trees. 
--Ankita Panda

(next two- inspiration amelia lyon)

Where Go the Boats?
Dark brown is the river,
Golden is the sand
It flows along forever,
With trees on either hand.
Green leaves a-floating,
Castles of the foam,
Boats of mine a-boating
Where with all come home?
On goes the river
And out past the mill,
Away down the valley,
Away down the hill.
Away down the river,
A hundred miles or more,
Other little children
Shall bring my boats ashore.
--Robert Louis Stevenson

whit and drew, may the ebb and flow of your life always be steady. may the currents take you on adventures only your heart can map, and may your compass always 
lead you to each other. thank you for sailing with me; can't wait to do it again. xoxo kam
p.s. keep up with a few of whit's talents, her writing and photography;  check them out here.

spa day

my first surprise: my parents flew in for my birthday, so sweet.

my mom and i are headed to the spa for some serious treatment. (thank you joy for the gift certificate…)

here’s a sneak at friday’s la shoot with the daughter of a housewife in some fab night light:


i loved this shoot for so many reasons; more to come.

off to be treated!! happy weekend everyone! kj

what i know

this is what i know:

my house is a menagerie of sippy cups. i find them in my closet, under the bed, in the toy box, in the pantry sometimes with week-old chocolate curdle, and i even find them in my clothes hamper.

jaren has two surprises for me for my birthday. i love surprises so the thought of two is making me all school-girl-first-kiss giddy.

on the flip of giddy… in the past week i have had a good friend move far away and another good friend tell me she is moving far away too. i know this makes my heart hurt and my eyes puffy. 

i have been tired the past four years (that’s how old gunnar is); i could go to sleep every night at 6:00 if mac wasn’t so alluring.

twizzlers make a really great lunch.

i know i love diet coke with cherry grenadine. i know i would like to own a coke machine with unlimited syrup.

i would like to go to nyc, hawaii, or london for our 10th year wedding anniversary.

i know i spend the majority of my day stopping my baby from going up the stairs or sitting behind my baby so she doesn’t fall down the stairs.

i love wednesday because it is so you think you can dance night.

and i also know i am really, really, really (yes, it is a triple really) excited about tomorrow’s shoot.

she is beautiful, spunky, and famous

here’s a hint.

and here’s another sneak peek at the boat shoot. they are coming soon.


divorce, the un-death: a heroine’s tale

many of you already know that i love literature. i love how it masks reality, how its characters mirror true individuals, how its themes are reflections of life’s movements. i also love it when the story has a really great heroine: one who struggles but overcomes brilliantly, one who is determined and will not settle, one who knows self and stands by that understanding. my favorite fictional heroines include: moll flanders (the fortunes and misfortunes of the famous moll flanders by Daniel Defoe) the thief, wife, mother and *gasp* whore; edna pontellier (the awakening by kate chopin) a woman who struggles to find independence amidst her roles; jane eyre (jane eyre by charlotte bronte) an orphan gone governess gone lover; elizabeth bennett, ahem-of course, (pride and prejudice by jane austen) a case study in the strength behind the nature of a woman; jo march (little women by louisa may alcott), truly a heroine with her aspirations and antics, and antonia shimerda (my antonia by willa cather) a very independent immigrant woman for the 1900′s.

 i am drawn to the stories of women that empower and choose to make a better life or circumstance for themselves. 

i find myself particularly magnetized to the non-fictional heroines found in life’s novel.

especially this one:


a heroine doesn’t really know she is one. you don’t really get to choose that role; it is something that others give you because they are inspired by what you do, how you live your life, the choices you make, and the person you inherently are in good times and bad.

kelley doesn’t know she is a heroine, but she is one, my favorite right now, to be exact, and i have been thinking about her, her character, and her story a lot lately.


i can’t think of any bride who thinks, while staring down the aisle or across the alter at her future, “i hope we share our dreams. i hope we make a beautiful life together that includes family and legacy. i hope we work along side one another, come home to each other, rely on one another, and understand each other. i hope our love grows with us to the depths of commitment, and i hope in 10 years everything you think and feel changes, and you decide to leave me and our babies to chase inexplicable dust. yes, i hope in 10 years i am divorced.” 

no bride says that.

not. a. single. one.

the heroine, picks herself up, turns the page, and begins to write a new and distinctly beautiful, albeit difficult, chapter in her life’s novel.


kelley isn’t living the life she dreamt of 10 years ago. she has taken on the role of mother and father, nurturer and disciplinarian, provider and caregiver. she works around the clock without a break, without any benefits, and without her best friend to turn to. whens she wakes from very little sleep the process begins again, and right now as she goes through the motions of daily motherhood she wonders what happened to the idyllic “family-life” carpet that was pulled out from under her.

she has every right to be resentful. to be angry. and to fill her pages with angst, rage, and bitterness.

the heroine chooses not to.

she embraces what is real before her, clings to it for resilience and fortitude, compartmentalizes the pain and confusion, and writes a story of strength, courage, and endurance for the children who are watching her so closely, clinging to her for stability, and loving her so tenderly and dearly. 




this is the material of true character; of a genuine heroine. 

right now the wound is fresh,  the game played ended with a bad beat, and the mire our heroine is trudging through is thick.

even though the faces she cares for each day are constant reminders of the past, she sets her focus on the future.



4-sidebysidebabystepseven when our heroine feels at the very depths of heartache she finds something in her or around her that fuels her determined spirit:




i have been considering lately the trials we face in life. i haven’t had the “if god loves us then why do we have to suffer” attitude. it has been more like, “why are we given the trials we are given” tone and, “why do some of us have to suffer at the hand of others or because of their choices?” questionings. this is what my ponderings conclude: Yentl had it right when she sang on that boat, “People. People who need people, are the luckiest people in the world.” (I am not trying to make light of Kelley’s situtation by throwing in the image of Barbra Streisand dressed as a boy on the edge of a boat singing her heart out in her 1983 hit, but I thought that it might make us all smile and perhaps laugh for a moment…) but i do believe we need each other. truly. on some unexplainable level. and i also believe that some of our trials and afflictions are not for us to learn something necessarily, but for us to be able to help other people later on, by showing true compassion and empathy, “i know how you feel because i have lived it and i understand; and you will hurt for now, and it will feel like it is interminable; you will have to remind yourself to breath in and out each day, and take every moment as it comes, but one day the clouds will break and you will feel yourself again, and your perspective on life will be fresh, and you will be ready to move forward and continue writing a most beautiful story.” i think one of our basic needs as humans is to be understood. sometimes our experiences are necessary to provide the human experience for others.

and that’s just what i think.


this family of three is special, and with a heroine mother like kelley; they will continue to write adventurous, endearing, heartfelt, honest pages of their life’s novel.


dear blogging friends, there are 232 of you (this just in i get 378 hits a day…wowie; thanks everyone!!), approximately, who visit my page each day. i know that isn’t many in the arena of blogs (i appreciate you though and am so happy to know you visit; thank you for checking in on me), but to me that feels like a lot of people who might be able to offer kelley support, encouragement, love, and perhaps even true empathy. it is time to come out of blogger hiding and help another person. i know there are a couple of you who have lived this and survived and now have clarity. please tell her in the comments section that she will find it someday too. if you have never experienced this but were touched by her story or perhaps were raised by a single mother please leave her some words of optimism, even if it is just a note on how beautiful she is; I am sure she would appreciate it.

i believe in the power of good people who care, even strangers, and i believe we can help each other through our most difficult times.

kelley, you are a most inspiring, and courageous heroine. someday you will see clearly. someday it will all make sense. someday you will breath without pain. here’s to someday! may it come quickly. until then know that there is someone in california who admires your strength more than you will ever know.

thinking of you and your littles, and believing in you, kamthefamilyblog


the stairs: she found them


and she thinks they are fascinating.  trying to chew on those legs through your screen; they are pretty irresistible.


she is grabbing everything too:


oh, baby…


i’m going to let these faces take you out to your weekend. may it be restful. kam and fam





don’t even think about it lark.


our weekend will include a little bit of gate installation.

have a good one everyone!!


rise and shout the cougars are out: college days

i used to scoff a bit when i heard my students say at their graduations, “i will never forget you; we will be in touch and will stay closer forever.” i know that some high school relationships do last; some marry their high school sweetheart, but for most those relationships dissipate just like the fashion trends you found yourself so caught up in during your high school career. i am only in touch with a few of my high school friends, and that communication now has reduced itself to a random facebook shout out or the obligatory christmas greeting. i suggest to you, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, that it is the college friendships that last, the college relationships that stand the test of time, and the college associations that have the most impact on you as a person. these bonds endure because the people who helped you understand yourself are so valuable to you that you couldn’t imagine losing their influence in your life. one of my former roommates is one of my greatest inspirations today. another, is so dear to me she stood beside me on my wedding day. i met my best friend in college and married him 4 years later. 

i could safely conclude, but am open to anyone who pleas differently, that college, is/was one of the greatest times in our life’s epic.

when i am home, i always try to catch up with an old roommate who has always been my good friend.


rachelle studied elementary education, went to costa rica, had a sweet tooth, had a lot of admirers, and she liked to ride bikes and hike in mountains. in fact her bike, which was hand-built by her brother who is a professional biker, was allowed to reside in our kitchen, while my beater 10 speed housed itself chained outside the apartment braving all the utah elements.

i have so many great memories of rachelle.

one about an alarm clock that she set herself, so she would be up on time, but when it went off and she couldn’t find it, she got all mad at me because it was going off… right shell? isn’t that how it goes? or like the time we threw her a surprise birthday party and had everyone who was there wear an article of her clothing. we knew she would love it, and hate it. love it because everyone who loved her was there; hate it because she had to put the clothes away when they left. 

i am laughing out loud thinking about all of this.

now she is married to entertainment personified, and has taken a break from the classroom where she was admired and revered as an outstanding teacher, to be home with her most important students. sometimes it is weird for me to think that we are old enough to have children. sometimes i think that we are still 20, living together, obsessing over the cute boy and when he will call. 

i am enjoying my friendship with her now as much as i did then. 

she is a stunning person, mother, and friend.


she always reminded me to think things through and keep a clear perspective. something i continually and trying to do.


her children are so lucky to have her.




and she is lucky to have them.


even though they keep her on her toes.


i remember being so happy when i heard she was pregnant with her first baby because i knew she was going to make such an incredible mother.

he’s a little bit shy, like rachelle.


a hip-hopper like her too.  rachelle and i went through a period of loving the spice girls…i’ll tell you what i want what i really really want…yep. we danced around in our room to that one. for hours.

“backstreet’s back alright!”


his lisp is my favorite part about him…which is another funny thing because rachelle and i used to talk to each other with a lot of funny voices and accents.


this is my most favorite picture of a little girl right now. i love everything about it.


 shell’s little girl is everything about rachelle that you don’t see right away, that she doesn’t show to you until she knows you a bit. 

hello spunky brewster!!


super inquisitive and intimidatingly creative.



and charismatic, very charismatic.


they are beautiful, inside and out, just like their mother:




rachelle, like me, needs her sleep. it is hard for both of us to have sleepless babies. it is just for a time shell; keep your perspective. he is so worth it.


they all are:


when our visits come to an end i always feeling a pang in my heart, wishing we could relive those days, and maybe, move back in together. ;) rachelle, may you always know where you put your alarm clock. may you always ride that awesomely expensive bike. may you always know that i love you so much for the person you have helped me become. thank you for touching my life so deeply. until next time, kam



facebook: time sucker

i have had a facebook account for a while but just haven’t used it that much since it sucks away at my time; i don’t have much discretionary time these days; however, after a chat with a super saavy business woman and friend she suggested i spread my wings a bit and start a kamee june photography fan page on facebook. so i did. next time you are facebook-ing search for kamee june photography (or just double click on the facebook link at the top of the page) and become a fan. it is going to be good and i promise to update it regularly, have some cool discussions, answer some of the faq’s that i get in emails, etc. i might even have a few giveaways. anyways, just wanted to give you something else to help add to whatever is sucking away at your time. ;)

happy time sucking…i mean happy facebook-ing! ;)

and a sneak peek of something pretty that is covering my desktop in photoshop right now…


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