remember: a reminder

remember when the world around you was so fascinating?


remember how it made your little busy-body magically pause to observe it?


remember when everything made you so curious?


remember when touch was your keenest sense?


remember when the simplest things made you so happy?



no more snoozing; time to wake up…and capture some memories to help you remember.


just wanted to remind you that tomorrow is the last day the launch promotion will be offered.

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 now’s your chance; jump on it.


let’s do christmas pictures in july while everyone is tan, rested, enthused, and not caught up in the stress of the season. let’s capture the smiles, laughter, and secrets of summer!

let’s remember, together.

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good therapy

There are few people in my life I feel really “get me”. The kind of people who  can finish my sentences before I do, better yet, know my thoughts before I even express them. These people pass no judgements and respect my feelings and thoughts wholeheartedly. They listen when I talk, show empathy when possible, love me unconditionally, and seek to understand instead of “fix”. I call these people my “therapy friends”, the ones I turn to when I need to see something outside the box, while still being accepted and loved. I have one of these friends in almost every corner of the earth: New York City, London, California, Arizona, Kansas, and Utah (just to name a few…). When I visit said locations I always schedule some “therapy”.

Some of my Utah therapy comes from this friend, Liza. (She is the person we considered naming our daughter after, but the NYC therapy beat her out… ;)) Liza and I met a few years ago here in California. I knew she was going to someone special to me immediately, our bond is way more sisterly than friendly. I love so many things about Liz, namely her perspective, and her humor. I believe a lot of things could be less complicated in life if we approached them with humor. Liza makes me laugh, and that is good therapy. She also understands my heart, good therapy too.

She is lovely, in every aspect of the word:

lizaeyesblogbetterShe is the type of friend you want to invite everywhere, who can make even the dullest party bright; the friend who makes you smile at just the thought of her. She lives too far from me, that’s for sure. I love discussing, almost anything with her, but especially her ideas on being true to self, accepting who we are as people, and raising children. She (and her husband Tom), are raising two: a set, a pair, a couple. Jackson and Aspen are two really neat kids:


We met Jack when he was 18 months old. Funny story about Jack and Jaren. One night, Tom was out of town on business and Liz had an appointment she needed to be to. I was at open house and was unavailable to watch Jack. Jaren offered to have him over to our place. Liza’s appointment was late; Jack was already tired. Jaren did the best he could, but wondered why Jack-Jack kept rubbing his head on the couch and crying. What could it be? Hungry? Bored? For some reason, tired never crossed his mind. I don’t really remember what he did in the end, but Liza told us later  that when he got tired he rubbed his head on the couch, pillows, floor, etc. We always new Jack was going to be as charismatic as his parents. He is as handsome as them too:


This is a great Jack story: He is thin. I will just get it out there. His parents are both extremely athletic. A few years ago Tom really got into running and now he races and competes in triathlons. Anyways, one day as Tom was getting ready for a run Jack decided he wanted to accompany him. Liza could hear him rustling through the clothes in his room getting his “running clothes” on. He came out in his Utah Jazz jersey and his Build-a-Bear shorts, turned around backwards, you know, so the tail hole was in the front. Oh, and he didn’t have underwear on. Needless to say, Jack had some extra cooling in the Southern regions on his little jog with Dad. :)

He is sweet.


Liza told me to not talk to Penny when we met. She told me to ignore her. True story. Yes, I told you she was a good parent. Liza and Tom are two of the most gregarious people I know, full of life, energy, excitement, and humor. Their daughter Penny is more on the shy side, she operates a little bit better when no one really notices. Liza told me, “It is interesting having a child so different from yourself. My hope for her is that she grows up being comfortable in her own skin, whatever type if skin it may be.” I loved that. 

I could never ignore Henny Penny:


It didn’t take her long to start laughing, and being silly. I think that is cool too. Inside every child, shy or not, there is a silly little person who loves to smile and laugh like all the rest.


She is adorable:


Together they make a perfect balance.



Speaking of balance, I have always really admired Tom and Liza for their great relationship and the open communication they have with each other. Together they are really something special.

I love this image:loveitlizandtomblog


I really liked this one. I thought the grain was cool, the bokeh awesome, and the moment unposed and fresh. I just thought it was distinctive and cool:



And this is Tom, I should have formally introduced him in the beginning. (Sorry, T!) He rides bikes, swims in oceans, runs on trails, and is great with money. He is good and nice.


He is also a phenomenal dad:


And Liza, an outstanding mom, one I admire and truly look-up to (even if she does tell you to ignore her kids…:)):


And together they make one of my most favorite families…ever. Liza, Tom, Jack, and Penny may you continue making each other and this world feel love, comfort, joy, understanding, and laughter. Liza, may you continue offering therapy, for free. ;) 

I love you all very much. Thanks for the time together- Kam


call me crazy

butt was this not the coolest and most “fun” dance of the whole night? it will totally be remembered. i thought it was freaking genius…off to memorize it and download the song…

(i tried to embed it, but it wasn’t working. anyone know why? i just clicked on the embed and pasted it here, but it didn’t come up. thoughts? anyone else have that problem?)

just my…

baby and her brother.

nopixels2 We are home now and they are homesick for the cousins. Gunnar doesn’t know what to do with himself and Larkee cries because she isn’t held all the time. Good thing they have each other.



I have decided vacation is a double-edged sword. It feels so good to be away, but the work that I came home to is daunting. I am so far behind. Here’s to enjoying the moment, even if it is super occupied. At least my life is filled with things and people that make me happy and busy.

Speaking of…a sneak peek from a shoot yesterday of another baby growing way too fast. (I know I have been providing a lot of sneak peeks lately…that’s how busy I am. I will do my best to get to the posts asap. Plus I have some really great stuff from a carnival and a shoot with my sister and her family.  Pheewww. Busy. :))




the heber creeper: a ride through the canyon

I am loving the fresh mountain air, all the green trees, and the relaxing time with family and friends. Last week we took a ride on the Heber Creeper: a train that creeps through the lush canyon from Orem to Heber City. Just a few snaps from the day:


The train is older; I think it tells such an antiqued story:



My dad. I love his smile. So warm. So genuine.


I was inspired by the inside of the train. I couldn’t give it an exact date but I kept seeing a vintage engagement shoot: young lovers circa 1946, saying goodbye as he heads to war and she stays behind to support the war effort and plan their wedding alone…next time I am here…anyone interested in a little photography fun complete with costumes? I really want to do it…

My boy. I haven’t seen him in the last two weeks. He has been so occupied playing with the cousins that he hasn’t cared to even give me the time of day. (It has been a nice break. I am not ready for Monday when we go home and I get, “Mom! Who will play with me?”)



I love you son. ;)


 My little nieces are such good girls. They really are a tribute to their parents and their family. They are sweet, kind, good to each other, and a joy to be around.



Love this one:


And this one:


AND this one:



This little lady was so busy that I didn’t get too many of her…busy body. ;)


She recently had a friend “style” her hair…i think that is a rite of passage as a child: having a friend cut your hair… Sadie says, “I like it. I think she did a good job.” ;)


Sweet girls:


I had a lovely ride with some of my favorite people.


spread your wings and be…you: a sneak peek

I have always been interested in roles: male/female, worker/homemaker, teacher/student, etc. I am mostly interested in gender roles and how they appear to be defined at a really early age. Most girls are attracted to girly pink, and on the other end of the spectrum, most boys are also magnetized to boy blue. I do love it, however, when I see a little spunky feminine sprite who redefines everything I thought I knew in terms of roles and is perfectly comfortable in her three-year-old skin, just being who she is and allowing her spirit within to fly- inside her role and out.

A sneak peek:


More to come soon. (She has two brothers who are just as enchanting, and a mother who has always been special to me. )



Why isn’t this an acceptable look for grown-ups? Our “hang over” just isn’t nearly as cute!!


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